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Young Planet 3 was a community-centric clan founded in protest to the policies of the original Young Planet clan during the Kardían Era. It was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union and never gained much ground.


The history of Young Planet 3 is mostly unknown. However, it is known that the leader of Young Planet 3 was in disagreement with the policies and leadership of the original Young Planet clan, leading to Double-Fire89's establishment of the third iteration of Young Planet and adopting a new color scheme. Young Planet 3 was established during the Kardían Era.

Young Planet 3 is presumed to have fallen to inactivity sometime before or after the Union Schism in 2011.



According to information recovered from an old clan rankings level made by M88youngling, Young Planet was described as having a "moderate ammount[sic] of members..."[1] According to a census of YP3 conducted by M88youngling on January 3rd, 2018, the clan had six members.[2] An anonymous source added that TragicTakedown was also a member of Young Planet 3, adding a seventh potential member to the clan.


Young Planet 3 spoke English, but it is not known if any members spoke any other languages.


The government style of Young Planet is not known.

Foreign Relations and Military

Young Planet 3 was a member state of the LBP Union.

Culture and Style

Double-Fire89 and Lukeskywalker156 donning Young Planet 3 attire.

According to the recovered information from M88youngling's ranking level, Young Planet 3 did not have very many levels or plays for those levels. They had a very fun, community centric culture focusing on sports, casual costumes and graffiti.


It is not known how members of Young Planet 3 communicated, and all their levels and content are believed to have been lost.


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