How to cite properly (for noobs)

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no this page isn't just a redirect to purdue owl, lol

it's a link to here!

When citing, please name it according to the primary source (or secondary source, maybe we will get into that later muhahaha) and then link to its respective page. I'm still trying to figure out the best way for interviews though. Have to decide whether or not I should have them be listed on the biographies pages for the people or to make entirely separate pages for the individual interviews. Yikes

Still trying to work out the problems with how this works, so expect some hiccups along the way. 

EDIT: Okay try and set it up like this, this way is easier promise,

Under the insert tab, there are two important buttons. One is reference, and the other is reference list. Before you do anything, throw a reference list at the bottom and set up a subtitle that says References above it like I have on the Novus Carta page. Now, go back and you can use the 'reference' button to insert references by typing their names (and you can even turn them into links like I described earlier.) You can also pick references you have already used, which is pretty lit. #citingisfun

EDIT2: I have set up the citation needed symbol. Use the [citation needed] template to indicate that a citation is needed for a particular fact if there is no identifiable source. I expect that there will wind up being a lot of this...

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