The LBP Union Wiki

So, I've seen that there are a few clans left on LBP. I am interested in what they can do.

For a reward, create something with your organization that is not a recruitment level. Your level should be related to your clan somehow. It can be a headquarters, a game, a scenery level, or something wholly different. The more creative you are, the more likely you will win. It must be a collaboration, give credit to the members who help with the project.

Alliances are exempt, but the member states of those alliances may still participate.

The winner will be featured on the wiki front page for a month, and I will write a critical piece about your organization using historical context for funsies. I'm hoping to keep doing contests similar to this to decide featured pages on the home page.

To enter the contest, please comment here with what you plan on doing. If you would like to ask questions and discuss the contest, I have set up a discussion here. Happy building :)

EDIT: I forgot the essentials. The deadline for your submissions is October 5th. I'm not looking for anything that huge, but I would like to see what you can come up with in collaboration with your fellow members. I'll spend the next week or so looking at submissions. To submit your work, publish the level with your clan's tag and in the description include the phrase "LBP Union Archives Contest Submission". Good luck!