The LBP Union Wiki

You might be wondering why I sometimes protect pages that get modified recently. Yes, I'm a bit trigger happy, I'm sorry. I'm unprotecting some pages. These include Operation Lunar Storm and others. They have been changed to protection where you need to have an account to edit. I'm not sure how long you have to have the account though, so it might restrict you if your account is too new. Sorry about that. Since I've resigned as President of the LBP Union and I've started to distance myself from involvement with it, I'm less concerned with a foreign affairs agenda and more concerned with the facts. 

Also, I should remind you that editors here on the wiki should be mindful not to promote their own agenda by twisting facts or obscuring information as well. I'm sure theres also instances where there's a controversial event that we disagree on what exactly happened. What are the facts, one might ask? Who decides what is truly recognized as a fact and the real way of how the story went? 

Well, perhaps a decent compromise in some cases would be to tell boths sides of the story instead on the same page in a professional manner. I'll do my best to work with people on this so I don't become the tyrannical overlord of this wiki. 

"but you already are!!1!"