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In the LBPU, Union Refoundation Day, otherwise known as Union Day or just Refoundation Day, is an annual celebration of peace in unity for LBPU clans. It represents the Union's anniversary of instituting its new constitution on December 14th, 2013. As such the date of the holiday lies on December 14th of every year. Decorations are put up and speeches are generally made to recognize the date in its political importance, as well as the symbolic message it represents that clanning can be about something other than just fighting and bickering.

South Las Calles decorated for Union Day 2014.


There has not been any official legislation that dictates the establishment of the holiday, but the movement to have it recognized was led by the Protectors in an attempt to create unity in the LBPU and spark more interest in its affairs.


On Union Day 2014, Las Calles and the Union HQ were both decorated to celebrate. At a press conference held in a new location made to present the new functionality of the at the time under construction LBP3 headquarters, TME Mandalore MidnightLights10 and their representative TeamHeidi both gave speeches, as well as Union Vice President (NCR President) Lgmpm and Foreign Minister (NCR Vice President) CCSocaiGamer. There was also a parade held in Las Calles shortly after, and a brief announcement was made by President M88youngling for the festivities.

The message of the post-parade was that the meaning of clans had changed for the better, and was an attempt to gain community support for the Union.

Union Day parade in Las Calles.

Three levels will published, the Las Calles hub, the conference and the parade. All three levels made it to the lucky dip pages and attracted various non clanners who enjoyed the parade the most, likely due to its dynamics and lack of long speeches aimed more at the clanning community.


President M88youngling, Vice President Lgmpm, and Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer at the Union Refoundation Day celebration events in Shady Sands Tandi Memorial Plaza.

In 2015, the Union originally was not planning on making any Union Refoundation Day events due to President M88youngling being too busy. However, it was decided within 3 weeks prior to the date that they could consolidate the efforts of the Union to develop the events for the holiday. Vice President of the Union Lgmpm, who is also the President of the New California Republic was selected in a Protector agreement to host the events in the Tandi Memorial Plaza in Shady Sands. The event featured a speech from Lgmpm and NCR Vice President / Union Foreign Minister CCSocaiGamer. Flags from the states of the Union were featured to represent them in the event.

A very patriotic citizen celebrating Union Day in Las Calles


While traditions have not had time to be made just yet, it is hoped for the holiday to be celebrated by most if not all member states. The first 2014 celebration of the holiday included several speeches, a parade, and a flag ceremony.