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LittleBigPlanet Union IRC Chatlogs are a collection of text logs from Union IRC chat meetings. These meetings were Union summits, General Assembly or Security Council Conferences, and other Union meetings. Union IRC chatlogs became important for recording information about summit/conference happenings as well as assisting security efforts.


Following the May 16th, 2015 summit intrusion committed by the Visarian Mandate, the Union Protectors made an effort to save all IRC chatlogs for the purposes of assisting security methods and recording summit happenings. These logs were stored and maintained by the LBP Union Ministry of Security.

The current Union Protectors are currently keeping the IRC chatlogs private until further notice due to the presence of IP addresses in the logs.


Union IRC chatlogs contained nearly all text from each meeting held in the Union's IRC channel. However, data was only stored from select summits and conferences. This was due to forgetfulness. The chatlogs cannot yet be released for public examination due to the presence of IP addresses in each log.