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The True Mandalorian Empire, also known as the Mandalorians or TME, is an organization which once was a member state of the LBP Union, and was led by MidnightLights10 with an unverified number of members. Most members are independent and do not collaborate in its affairs.

The clan previously was led by Mandalore FerbFan01, who stepped down due to lack of interest in clanning. 

It's leader has a high interest in arms development and has created a wide assortment of treaded vehicles for the group such as tanks. Midnight's German influence has also been noted as overtaking the Mandalorian focus of the clan. 


Much of the TME's history runs with Rebeller93's Jedi Order and Anoldstory's Sith Empire. They were one of the founding clans of the LBPU during Ferbfan01's time as Mandalore. 

After the McBrearty Plan was proposed, Midnight did not like the plans that the Union Protectors had for TME. He secretly opposed the plan, rather than outright discussing about it, which led to the eventual seccession of TME due to lack of communication. Their former representative, TeamHeidi, left TME and now helps on the council of the Bounty Hunter Guild.  

It was also revealed that several anti-union activists were assisting the group and this likely also put Midnight over the edge. 


The TME is led by a Mandalore, a supreme executive leader with his choice of advisers in the administration. Members are generally independent and civil rights kept at a norm. The TME is regarded typically as being too loose to be an organization.