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Treynota was a furry clan founded by Son-Of-Gaia, and later was taken control of by Cold_Wolf102. They are best known for ratifying the original LittleBigPlanet Union Constitution and for their later 'betrayal' to the Axis Alliance.


Early History and Paragon

Treynota was founded by Son-Of-Gaia sometime around June 2013 or before. Treynota soon fell into inactivity, however a member, Cold_Wolf102 felt that it could be revitalized. He started a project called Paragon, which was an experiment that would later apply to Treynota. Through Paragon, Cold_Wolf102 gained The-Pool_is-Open's allegiance. Pool, through a recruitment level, gained a new member for Paragon known only as Tracyjoo. Pool and Tracy allegedly formed a romantic relationship.[1][2]

Paragon soon came under threat from Haloelite4, who had a previous grudge with Pool. Cold_Wolf102 prepared for a mech battle with Halo, but this did not occur. In the midst of this, Tracy terminated her relationship with Pool and began a new one with Cold_Wolf102, straining Pool and Cold_Wolf102's friendship. After this, Cold_Wolf102 contacted Gaia and convinced her to give him control of Treynota.[1]


Possible original Treynota logo, included in the Trenoyta 2014 info-chip.

Cold_Wolf102, despite strongly disliking Gaia, gained her favor upon taking control of Treynota. Cold_Wolf102 published a 'vault' level for Paragon, and then moved forward with reforming Treynota. His organization was soon criticized by Phantomrus9, which irritated Cold_Wolf greatly. Treynota at this point became a refounding father state of the LittleBigPlanet Union. They were put on the LBP Union Census spreadsheet as early as December 3rd, 2013. After becoming a member state of the Union, Treynota gained Voldeguy1 as a member.[1][3]

Around February 19th, 2013, Treynota seceded from the LBP Union to join the Axis Alliance. Cold_Wolf102 claims that this was to gain PolarisPhaedra's trust and protect LBP Union assets. However, the LBP Union Protectors were unaware of Cold_Wolf's intentions and he never informed them directly. His intentions were later revealed in Cold_Wolf's autobiography, Story of Cold_Wolf102.[1][3]

After the Axis Conflict, Treynota disbanded.[1]


Treynota is often cited by the Protectors as an early LBP Union furry member state.[citation needed] However, its actions during the conflict with the Axis make the group infamous for President M88youngling's administration. This made Cold_Wolf102's later organization, the Crimson Blades, very untrustworthy in the Union Protectors' perspective.[4]



According to the LBP Union Census, Treynota claimed six members.[3]


Treynota is known to have spoken English.[citation needed]


Treynota was structured much like a traditional wolf-pack. At the very top was the leader, known as the Okami. The only known Okamis are Son-Of-Gaia and then Cold_Wolf102. After giving control of Treynota to Cold_Wolf102, Gaia became an Omega. The chain of command in Treynota was structured as follows,[2]

  1. Okami
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
  4. Theta
  5. Omega
  6. Pup

Each rank, save for Pups, had two tiers.[2]


Treynota had strict rules forbidding bullying, and object copying.[2]

Foreign Relations and Military

Treynota was briefly a member state of the LBP Union for three months. However, they seceded in order to become a member state of the Axis Alliance in February 2014.[1][3]

Culture and Style

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