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Toppat Clan is currently active!
Ask their leader Catania185 on PlayStation Network if you are interested in joining and check out their levels on LittleBigPlanet!

Toppat Clan is a new, small LittleBigPlanet Clan based on antagonists of the same name from the Henry Stickmin series.

Those interested in joining should comment on Catania185's profile or send him a friend request. They also have a group on


Toppat Clan was founded by Catania185 on September 1st, 2020 upon the publishing of Toppat Clan's airship headquarters.[1] Catania185 was the former leader of a Ratchet & Clank-themed clan called the Grungarian Clan.[2]

At some point between their foundation and December 2020, Toppat clan became allies with an organization not based on LBP called Phantom Alliance. They also have declared a group known as TheLlamaAlliance as enemies.[2]

On December 30th, 2020, Toppat Clan became allies with the Taiyang Union.[3]

Encounter With Fiacalamity's Toppat Clan

On January 5th, 2021, Fiacalamity was discovered to be in charge of a Toppat Clan faction on LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4. Toppat Clan dispatched M88youngling to mediate a merger between the two groups which has yet to be completed.[3]



According to Catania185, Toppat Clan has between 10 and 20 members.[2]


Toppat Clan speaks English.[2]


Toppat Clan's internal structure is based off of Toppat Clan from the Henry Stickmin series, showing some similarities and parallels to the fictional organization. [2]


Toppat Clan is led by the Chief, also called leader, which is currently Catania185. The Right Hand-Man, RHM (or Right Hand-Lady, RHL), is the clan's second-in-command and reports directly to the Chief. The current RHM is Archangel1978. [2] The title of someone who is non-binary fulfilling the Right Hand-Man/Lady position is unknown.

Underbosses are a rank beneath the RHM with some leadership privileges. They have more access to knowledge and typically have authority during missions. There are also elite underbosses who report directly to the Chief. Current Underbosses are Pokyman_99 and Random_Studios. [2]

Other Ranks

When members first join Toppat Clan, they become Recruits. Once they pass a training test, they can achieve the rank of Member. Fully fledged members, or very promising recruits, can achieve the rank of Capo which comes with more authority and permissions. There are also Elite Capos which reports to the Elite Underbosses. [2]

Thus, the hierarchy of Toppat Clan is as follows: [2]

  1. Chief, or Leader
  2. Right-Hand-Man/Lady (RHM/L)
  3. Elite Underboss
  4. Underboss
  5. Elite Capo
  6. Capo
  7. Member
  8. Recruit


Toppat Clan members are known to go out on missions or heists, presumably for training and for fun. The ranking structure of the clan determines who will take different roles in these missions. For example, higher leadership such as the Chief and the RHM/L are to stay back at the Airship to dictate orders to Capos and Members during a mission. There is a rule that someone must always be at the airship during a mission to protect it.[2]

Foreign Relations and Military

Toppat Clan was at one point allies with the Phantom Alliance, a group that was not active on LittleBigPlanet. Toppat Clan claims to be enemies with TheLlamaAlliance.[2] They are also allies with the Taiyang Union.[3]

Culture and Style

Chief Catania185 as a human.

Toppat Clan draws direct influence from the nefarious criminal organization of the same name from the Henry Stickmin series. They retain elements such as uniform style, vehicles such as their Airship, and the structure of the group itself. However, several new elements, such as boxing, have been incorporated into the organization. [2]

Chief Catania185 as a stick-person.


Toppat Clan members are given freedom to design their own uniforms, but these nearly always have a top hat incorporated into their design. Members are also encouraged to have a stick-person version of their uniform. [2]

Members are allowed to have a separate uniform for boxing.[2]


Toppat Clan's most popular sport is Boxing. This is a form of slap fighting which takes place in small, flat arenas with electrified rope on either end of the ring. Catania185 describes the following rules: [2]

  • No grabbing and dragging.
  • No outside forces that may give you an advantage.
  • No items.

Catania185 in his boxing uniform.

Because of the small size of the arena and limitations on techniques such as grabbing, Toppat Clan Boxing is generally dominated by stun chaining opponents through what Catania185 refers to as 'slap locks'. He identifies a few different types of slap locks based on distance from the center of the ring, with long slap locks being a chain originating from the center of the arena all the way to the outside. [2]

Matches are fought until an opponent has been 'knocked down' three times. Once three knockdowns have been achieved, they will be reset back to zero.[2]

However, Catania185 also encourages longer slap locks by chaining slaps all the way from one end of the arena to the opposite side. Although this serves no utilitarian advantage for a player, Catania185 regards it as an interesting challenge. [2]

Members are encouraged to make their own boxing rings by modifying the design. [2]


Toppat Clan's affairs generally revolve around their massive Airship base, inspired by the Airship headquarters of the Toppat Clan in the Henry Stickmin series. Here they hold in-game meetings, but they also have a Discord server.[2]

Exterior view of Toppat Clan's airship.


The Airship is a massive headquarters for the clan which has a number of different rooms. Notably, there is a meeting room with a table with two assigned seats. The seat on the far left-end of the table is reserved for the RHM/L, while the seat on the far right is reserved for the Chief.[2]

Toppat Clan's airship was published on September 1st, 2020. It was last updated on November 7th, 2020.[citation needed]

There are various other rooms in the Airship, such as a jail.[2]


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