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Republic of Taiyang, Also known as the Third Republic of Taiyang, and Taiyang Union, is a historical form of Taiyang.


Ezoiar changed the government again on 30th December, This time is a major reform which will last for 257 days.

These changes include: Anocracy, disbanding Clans United Front, and promised to open recruitment at early 2021 which didn't happen because of interruption of server shutdowns.

On the January 5th 2021, They have changed their title to Republic of Taiyang.

And at April 2nd 2021, They have established a division at Roblox, Making Taiyang no longer just a LBP clan.

Because of severely long server shutdown, They simply cannot do activities and declared itself a de facto government-in-exile.

at July 11th 2021, They installed Swiss Neutrality and Partial Isolationism into their government.

At July 19th 2021, They went quiet due to CCP influences until the fourth republic that they accepted the fact.


Briefly describe the government of the clan here, and if necessary organize any branches or divisions of the government into subheadings to go into further detail.

Foreign Relations

On December 30th 2020, Toppat Clan and Taiyang made an alliance together, and then later at January 2nd 2021 with the Toxic Regime which lasted until June 28th 2021.


SamuraiEzoiar made 18 laws to start with that would help Republic of Taiyang stable. Violating it would lead to punishments, Such as temporary blacklisting, kick, etc.[1]

  1. You cannot form any far-rightest or far-leftist parties as it would destabilize the clan, Making a far-rightest or far-leftist party will lead to permanent kick.
  2. Racism does not exist in Republic of Taiyang.
  3. Making Republic of Taiyang exist in other places without administration's consent will give you a warning.
  4. If you are happen to be in a clan that Republic of Taiyang is in battle with, You are asked to leave either the clans and will be in temporary blacklist, If not responding in 3 days, You will be kicked out.
  5. Republic of Taiyang does not allow H4H, Trilley Users, etc. They may be allowed with Administration's Permission.
  6. If you happen to be a former leader of an annexed clan, You will be granted to free your clan.
  7. Taiyang's enemy's enemy is Taiyang's ally.
  8. Taiyang prohibits membership for users from North Korea, Iran, Syria, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, PR.China. To keep strict real-life governments to interact with Republic of Taiyang and it's members.
  9. The reformation of Foxarmy is restricted and will instantly declare war.
  10. To apply yourself working for a political party, You must request the party administration to join, The party administration will judge your role in the party.
  11. If the party is vacant for a chairman, You may freely do so unless the members disagree with your position. This will not count for ruling parties.
  12. Violent protests lead to violent suppression, Peaceful protests lead to possible acceptance.
  13. If Republic of Taiyang has a civil war, The enemy members will be banished from Republic of Taiyang.
  14. To make your ending clan succeed into Republic of Taiyang, You must file a document to the administration, From there, They would inspect your clan and if accepted, Mostly everything from your clan will be transferred into Republic of Taiyang, You will also get benefits such as Council Member, Your own party, etc.
  15. Do not interrupt Taiyang Army meanwhile doing duties for no reason or a stupid reason, The punishments will be chosen by the affected troops.
  16. If you are kicked, or banished from Republic of Taiyang, You cannot officially call yourself as a member, Republic of Taiyang always has a member list online and in LittleBigPlanet Community.
  17. Sensitive topics, dramatic, and venting is not allowed, It is only allowed if you are in a secret chat with other members that is responsible.
  18. Republic of Taiyang is not responsible for real-life crimes, If caught doing crimes real-life, You will be banished.


The Taiyang Army was the Republic's organized military organization. The troops are commanded by either highest ranked troop or leader. The Republic of Taiyang recognizes the following methods of combat:

Combat Method Game Assigned Team Within Game Estimated Strength Assigned Troops
Grand Strategy Hearts of Iron 4 China + Warlord cliques (vanilla)

Republic of Taiyang (mod)

6/10 Unassigned
Battlefield War Thunder China


4/10 Unassigned
Online Create Battle LittleBigPlanet 2-3 Republic of Taiyang 7/10 Unassigned
Other If available, the Republic of Taiyang

prefers to play as an Asian nation

or faction.


The Republic of Taiyang was willing to play competitively via other methods, given that these methods are reasonable. The Republic of Taiyang currently does not have any equipment for combat in LittleBigPlanet.[2]

Their later policy of neutrality does not however affect these activities and rather for fun.


Their organization has a Discord Server, YouTube, and a Twitter Account.


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