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The Toxic Regime was a multi-gaming/multi-platform, militaristic role-play clan. The Toxic Regime spans multiple games and platforms and includes a division on LittleBigPlanet 3. The Toxic Regime is inspired by fictional empires from the games Half-Life and Killzone, specifically the Helghast Empire and the Combine Empire.



The Toxic Regime was established on the 17th of February, 2018 by TOXIC-RAGE-2002 as a milsim-clan on the game Battlefield 1. The Toxic Regime, before its establishment as a role-play clan, was a regular gaming community known as "Toxic Division." After Toxic Division attracted the attention of several individuals, a government was established and IMrToxicI was proclaimed "Autarch" of The Toxic Regime.[1]

Throughout the year of 2018, civil strife and external conflicts preoccupied the Toxic Regime's political and militaristic ambitions. However, during the year, the Toxic Regime overcame this and supposedly established sustained influence in the Battlefield 1 community. Many conflicts, stemming from the First Toxic Civil War, Second Toxic Civil War and the Toxic-American Conflict, once again arose to drive the regime into multiple conflicts, eventually culminating in the Third Toxic Civil War, which to this day has not been completely resolved.[1]

In the last months of 2018, the Toxic Regime would establish a division on LittleBigPlanet 3 as a result of IMrToxicI joining the LittleBigPlanet Union Discord server. In January 2019, the Toxic Regime worked with factions such as the Axis and the Angels of Light, supposedly helping to broker a peace deal between the two groups.[1]

On April 23, 2019, the Regime was briefly dissolved. Operations on all games came to an end except on a game called "For Honor" where the Toxic Regime was renamed to "The Toxic Revenant" which used the same flag and symbols. On May 15th of 2019 however, the Toxic Regime was reestablished and IMrToxicI restored himself as leader of the Toxic Regime. Sometime afterwards, IMrToxicI claims that the Toxic Regime broke into an allegedly religious civil war referred to as the "Third Toxic Civil War" which lasted several months. This supposedly culminated in a decisive victory for the secular faction led by IMrToxicI.[1]

Eventually, the Toxic Regime would be disbanded and reopened once again on December 1st, 2019 and a "Pax Toxica" was declared. Only in January did the Toxic Regime begin to see more activity, and was officially declared active again in early January of 2020 and is officially remembered as "Refoundation Day." [1] The Regime has a goal to eliminate degeneracy from the games it plays and has recently in 2021 had a crack down on degeneracy.


Banner of the Toxins depicted in LittleBigPlanet


The Toxic Regime claims to have 32 members.[citation needed] However, it is unknown how many of these members have ever played LittleBigPlanet, especially given that the group has left the game for good. The Regime claims that many of its members were active in LittleBigPlanet,[citation needed] but this is unconfirmed. Members are known to reside in Canada, the United States, Britain and Ireland. [1]


The Toxic Regime has two official languages; English (the spoken and written standard) and Toxin Standard, a supposedly artistic standard for documents and political edicts. [1]

The Grade System

The Grade System of the Toxic Regime works similarly to how the feudal class system works; that being all members of the Toxic Regime are separated into certain socio-economic classes based on their technical and intellectual skill set. Each grade has its own occupation and or career which a member will take the position of upon joining that certain grade.[1]

The Grades go in this descending order:

- Patricians (The Rulers, leaders and Directors of the Toxic Regime)

- Lords (The Divisional Governors, Consuls, of the Toxic Regime)

- Bourgeois (The Intellectual Class, Wealthy Class, and Business Owners within the Toxic Regime)

- Proletariat (The working Middle Class population of the Toxic Regime. Generally serving in occupations related to businesses, the military or the government)

- Peons (The Impoverished, Skilled Labour ordinated population. solely serving as only military personnel in the lower ranks of the military)

- Serfs (Indentured servants, Prisoners and Workers. The Toxic Regime has previously referred to serfs as slaves.) This concept is being reworked

Policy of Assimilation

The Toxic Regime, like the fictional Combine Empire from the Half-Life Series, enforces a policy of cultural and technological assimilation among its members and games it's on. This means that all peoples that join the Toxic Regime are integrated within the state apparatus and serve to promote, create, and manipulate Toxin content for the external community in order to promote the cultural and player base identity of the Toxic Regime. Technology also has the same sort of policy, in where technology on games such as LBP and Minecraft is acquired and reversed in order to serve the purposes of the state for the purposes of warfare and suppression of political and cultural dissidence. In other words, the Toxic Regime's government assumes control over members' creations for create war against its enemies and to reinforce a political belief in pseudo-power. The regime plans to continue this policy in Dreams, but with more aggressive enforcement of the policy. [1]


The Toxic Regimes government can be described as an extremely regimented, closed system of government under the guides of a collective ideological consciousness. The Toxic Regimes official form of government is a Militaristic Constitutional Technocratic Autarchy. Within the the regimes government, the Autarch serves as the supreme ruler and complete master of the Toxic Regime, while the Archconsul serves as the second in command and is responsible for supervising the Directors and their Apparatus' within the regime.[1]

The following Directors that manage the regime are:

- Director of the Strategic and Armed Apparatus

- Director of the Toxic Intelligence Apparatus

- Director of the Interstate Affairs Apparatus

- Director of the Finance and Accounting Apparatus

- Director of the Interdivisional Partitioning Apparatus

- Director of the Architectural Management Apparatus

- Director of the Hegemonic Cohesion Apparatus

- Director of the Technological Advancement Apparatus

- Director of the Legal Administration Apparatus

- Director of the Roster Maintenance Apparatus

- Director of the Archiving Services Apparatus

- Director of the Media and News Apparatus

Along with the Directors, there are divisional leaders; members put in charge of representing the regime in a leadership capacity on different games the regime has expanded its jurisdictions to. These members are referred to as Governors, and are responsible for administrating and overseeing the games they are appointed to under the Toxic Regimes jurisdictions. Responsible for supervising and overseeing the Governors of the regime, is the Proconsul, while in addition to overseeing all of the jurisdictions the regime holds, is responsible for overseeing the College of Consuls, who are elected officials who lead Political Blocs. The College of Consuls are a congress that directly hold petitioning power over the Directors of the Toxic Regime, and have the ability to petition the Directorate and the Archconsul.[1]

The Collective Consciousness is derived from the regimes ideological philosophy known as Universal Standardization, which holds that objective reality must be fully accepted and that any philosophies or ideas that are relative to reality must be terminated. The Toxic Regime is therefore a closed system, and only wishes to spread its own ideological philosophy and opposes all forms of relativism on a economic and geopolitical level.[1]


The military of the Toxic Regime, also referred to as the Strategic and Armed Apparatus of the Toxic Regime, is a complex, extremely regimented force, meant to both protect the Toxic Regime and partake in aggressive flame/clan wars. The military of the Toxic Regime is divided into four sections:[1]

- The Toxic Army

- The Toxic Navy

- The Cosmic Navy (Used only in games which allow for the use of Starships)

- The Toxic Air Force

Each division of the army has its own complete ranking system. It is also very important to note that all members are required to partake in military activities when required.[1]

Culture and Style

The Toxic Regime upholds a style of society that upholds obedience and strictness. Though this is the case, personal freedom and expression are still not prohibited. The political/cultural makeup of the Toxic Regime is very traditional and conservative in nature and upholds a society that is strict in protecting and aggressively spreading nostalgic and symbolic aspects and values of the clan. Military service and culture is also a very big aspect of the Toxic Regime, ever since the Toxic Regime prides itself with having an army of intellectuals and battle-hardened veterans from games such as Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is also important to note that a lot of the art, technology and culture of the Toxic Regime is influenced by fictional nations such as The Helghast Empire and the Combine Empire.[1]

Marches and Songs of The Toxic Regime


- The Toxic Regime - OFFICIAL THEME-0

Official Theme of the Toxic Regime


The Toxic Regime currently maintains a Discord server. The Toxic Regime also maintains a recruitment chat and public chat on PSN for members who directly participate on PlayStation Network.[1]

The Toxic Regime also owns and operates its own YouTube channel, where recruitment videos, songs, and news is published.