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The Hawks were a small anti-H4H clan that was a member of the LittleBigPlanet Union and later the New Union during the Kardían Era. They were instrumental in the formation of the New Union.


Not much is known about how the Hawks were founded or any of their own affairs. It is known that at some point after foundation they became a member state of the LBP Union during the Kardían Era. Later, due to their relationship with the Commando Recon Operations, the Hawks sided with the CRO to help form the New Union. Their leader, Lukeskywalker156, ran in the New Union's first and only presidential election. He lost to M88youngling.



According to information recovered from an old clan ranking level made by M88youngling, most of the members of the Hawks were inactive and slow to respond to situations.[1] It is not known how large the clan actually was.


The Hawks mainly spoke English, but it is not known if any other languages


The government was mainly military based. It is unknown if the leader, Lukeskywalker156, had complete control of the clan or not.

Foreign Relations and Military

The clan was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union and later the New Union. It was allied with the Commando Recon Operations after these alliances fell.

Culture and Style

The Hawks' style fluctuated between modern and futuristic militarism. It had a variety of logos and costume designs, as well as weapons, however none were very high quality. It's color scheme was black and blue.

A Hawks soldier uniform.


It is not known how the Hawks communicated with its members, if at all. It had very few levels if any to advertise itself.


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