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The Balance was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union from 2010-2011. It is best known for its longstanding feud with the Unseen Forces' leader Qmac_Attack.


Unseen Forces

Sometime before May 2010,[1] the Balance's founder, ConorMcK101, originally was a member of a clan called Unseen Forces led by Qmac_Attack. In the clan, Conor and his friend HyperBros96 worked as spies. Conor also met several future members of the Balance through Unseen Forces such as Bladex61, SOL_19, xXDaniel_FTWXx (a Red Skull Republic spy), and Ruby_229. He also met Ruby's cousins Cage341 and Conall07.[2]

Sometime during Conor's membership with Unseen Forces befriended someone named 'Dark Chamber', but this relationship at some point was cut off. [2]

At some point, HyperBros96 left the clan to join Akatsuki. As Conor worked for the clan he eventually was promoted to Spy Leader. The Unseen Forces council soon thereafter voted on whether or not to give Conor a council seat, which would enable Conor to lead his own squad. However, it is unknown what the result of this vote was.[2]

Logo of the Unseen Forces.

Eventually, several members of Unseen Forces left the clan, including the RSR spy Daniel. Following this, Conor expressed interest in forming his own division of UF, the Balance, to the UF leader Qmac_Attack. Conor also explained that he wanted SOL and Bladex to lead the division alongside him. However, Qmac disapproved, stating that "They can lead if they are Council Rank" according to ConorMcK101.[2]


In May, 2010[1], Conor then decided to found the Balance as an independent clan alongside Bladex61 as co-leader and SOL_19 as second-in-command. Conall was also a member. The Balance allied with Dragon Dusk, which Conor had previously spied upon while in Unseen Forces.[2]

In September 2010, they became a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union. The Akatsuki also supposedly became allies with the Agents, possibly even becoming a member state at least in name only.[2][3]

After becoming a member state of the LBP Union, ConorMcK101 was given permission to distribute LBP Union access level 2 keycards to Balance members by Union President Godman2k7. The clan also built close ties with the Agents.[2]

Unseen Forces' declining members and activity along with the promise of the Balance's success led to Conor and his friends leaving their old clan.[2]

The Three vs One War

Before ConorMcK101 and the other Balance leaders had left Unseen Forces, Qmac_Attack declared that they were in a war with the Red Skull Republic. However, it is unknown which side initiated the conflict. To support the war, Qmac_Attack published a level titled "The Truth about RSR" which depicted an RSR plot against Akatsuki.[2]

Having close ties to Akatsuki, Conor immediately went to the Akatsuki's leader Chriswolf119 and his Kages to alert him of the impending attack. Akatsuki immediately locked down recruitment. According to ConorMcK101, the last member allowed to join during this time was HomelessJarJar, also a member of the Balance.[2]

Since SOL_19 was on vacation during this time, Rose_Girl_4_Eva became the temporary second-in-command for the Balance.[2]

In addition to alerting Akatsuki, Conor made the LittleBigPlanet Union administration aware of the fiasco. President Godman2k7 responded by dispatching Union Diplomat M88youngling to speak with RSR leader Hitman__101 to inquire about their plans against Akatsuki. M88youngling returned with news that Hitman denied any plot to attack Akatsuki. [2]

This led Conor to conclude that Qmac_Attack had lied to gain the aid of Akatsuki and the Balance in the war against RSR. When confronted by Conor about the lie, Qmac admitted to the deception, responding, "That's politics for ya."[2]

This led the Balance, Akatsuki, and the Red Skull Republic to take on Unseen Forces together. In response to the triple threat, Qmac_Attack modified his truth level into "The Truth about the Balance."[2]

Soon thereafter, Qmac_Attack was invited to a text chat that included Hitman__101, Rose_Girl_4_Eva, Chriswolf119, and Homelessjarjar. Through this meeting it was revealed that the Red Skull Republic had supposedly defeated Unseen Forces five times prior. After discussing Qmac's previous failures, the meeting came to an end.[2]

Days later, Qmac_Attack sent a message to ConorMcK101 detailing his surrender stating "You won. You [lead] UF on, I quit", officially ceding Unseen Forces to the Balance. A few weeks later, once SOL_19 had returned, Conor gave her leadership of Unseen Forces, but she agreed to find another leader. However, she soon left to join a clan she was previously a member of, the Demons. Just prior to her departure, SOL_19 and Conor argued about the defeat of the Unseen Forces.[2]

Unseen Forces Reformed

Around this point, Qmac_Attack reformed the Unseen Forces. This began another dispute between Qmac_Attack and ConorMcK101, the latter arguing that Qmac had ceded the group to the Balance. Qmac refused on the grounds that he was the original founder and claimed, "hell, I created YOU!"[2]

This began a longstanding feud that motivated Conor to reclaim the Unseen Forces for the LittleBigPlanet Union. [2] However, there is no evidence that the LBP Union administration ever supported this pursuit.

The Balance-Demons Conflict

Following SOL_19's return to the Demons, Conor consulted his co-leader Bladex, who was SOL_19's cousin. Bladex informed Conor that the goal of the Demons was to destroy all other clans, including the Balance. Conor's Rishikesh, India recruitment center and Shibuya, Japan information center levels were both heavily spammed by the Demons and Unseen Forces. This resulted in him voluntarily deleting the levels.[2]

Following the spam attacks, Conor decided to hold Balance Council meetings in private. The current acting council members at the time were ConorMcK101, Bladex61, ConallDude, and HomelessJarJar.[2]

Conor and ConallDude soon approached SOL_19 to negotiate an end to the conflict. Conor and Conall offered a 'contract renewal' to the Demons, but the nature of this contract is unknown. Once this contract was offered to Demons leader TheDemons666, he set it on fire and remarked, "SOL will rule the Demons, proud or not!"[2]

Several weeks later, the original leader of the Demons, Sladex_1961, returned. This resulted in him declaring TheDemons666, SOL_19, Qmac_Attack, and OYE_76- as outlaws. What became of the clan is unknown.[2]

Aftermath of the Balance-Demons Conflict

After the end of the conflict, Conor desired closure for SOL_19's departure from the Balance. ConallDude agreed to join SOL_19's new clan, Black Tear Army, as a spy. This led to Conor managing to pull SOL_19 into a meeting for a court case with her as the defendant. This trial was dominated by outbursts from Conor about the events prior to SOL_19 leaving the Balance.[2]

SOL_19 ultimately won the case, although what allegations she was charged with are unknown. Bladex days later sent a message to Conor claiming that SOL was 'back to normal.' This led Conor to meet with her again. In his view, SOL_19 had 'come to her senses', but overall the ordeal had left a scar on their relationship.[2]

The Balance-Unseen Forces War

Some time after the conflict with the Demons, Qmac_Attack's reformed Unseen Forces began attacking non-Union allies of the Balance. SOL_19 was able to convince Qmac_Attack to give her two keycard stickers used in his Unseen Forces levels. Once she shared them with Conor, the Balance had access to Qmac_Attack's levels and more information about the Unseen Forces.[2]

They discovered that Qmac_Attack was attempting to spread false rumors about the Balance and Conor to "protect his [Qmac_Attack] good name". With this information and the help of Qmac_Attack's former friend Eminem1016, Conor attempted to expose Qmac as an H4Her and 'untrustworthy person'.[2]

In a bid to stop the feud, Qmac_Attack offered Conor his original position and squad in Unseen Forces. Conor refused. He considered taking up the offer with the objective of dismantling Unseen Forces from the inside, but he realized that he could better leverage his alliance with the Agents to achieve this goal instead.[2] It is unknown whether or not the Agents ever did infiltrate the Unseen Forces to aid the Balance.

Sometime during this fiasco, Bladex and SOL_19 discovered that Conor had broken the agreement that he and Qmac_Attack had previously signed. However, the content of this contract is unknown.[2]

Following further threats from Qmac_Attack, the Balance and the Agents both performed a spam attack against Unseen Forces levels with the exception of 'The Truth About The Balance'. This level was supposedly exposed by DragonDanster from Dragon Dusk and new Balance third-in-command HomelessJarJar.[2]

The war came to an end once the LittleBIGHeroes leader, OpenTigersEye1, threatened action against both the Unseen Forces and the Balance if the conflict continued. SOL_19 and Bladex61 also signed some kind of contract that further contributed to the end of the conflict, but it is unknown what this contract entailed.[2]

The Demons' Reformation

Sometime following the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 beta in 2010 and the war with the Unseen Forces, TheDemons666 returned and reformed the Demons. Following the reformation, the Demons began preparing to attack the Balance. This was supposedly verified by Sladex_1961. Conor also received threatening messages from TheDemons666.[2]

When confronted by Conor and SOL_19, TheDemons666 declared that the sole purpose of clans was war. Despite his numerous retaliations against Qmac_Attack, Conor responded "I like clans, not war."[2]

TheDemons666 posed a significant threat because he possessed the God Glitch, which enabled him to use create mode tools anywhere. This allowed him to perform actions that could have led to the corruption of Balance member save data files if they were to meet in person.[2]

Around December 25th, 2011, TheDemons666 was convinced by LittleBIGHeroes leader OpenTigersEye1 to desist, ending the conflict.[2] What became of the Demons after this is unknown.

LittleBIGHeroes Investigation

After learning that Qmac_Attack had joined the LittleBIGHeroes, ConorMcK101 joined the clan under the persona of 'Crimson'. He befriended the leader OpenTigersEye1 and kept a close eye on Qmac_Attack. Conor learned that Qmac_Attack was supposedly supplying the Unseen Forces second-in-command with LittleBIGHeroes creations that he had stolen and acquired.[2]

On an unknown date prior to this, a Balance member, TheQuestion_101, was removed from the Balance on suspicion of espionage for the Unseen Forces. TheQuestion_101 on December 25th, 2011, attempted to convince members of LittleBIGHeroes to join his own clan, the League of LittleBIGHeroes.[2]

During the Three vs One War, Conor became convinced that TheQuestion_101 was an alternate account of Qmac_Attack used for Heart for Heart.[2] In this case, TheQuestion_101 was likely removed back during this conflict. However, there is no evidence that TheQuestion101 was an alternate account of Qmac_Attack.

OpenTigersEye1 at some point became aware of Qmac_Attack's theft of LBH items. However, he forgave him and gave him the position of LBH third-in-command.[2]

Joe_Da_Dude and Anti-Red Eagle Army Conflict

Sometime during 2011 before the LBP Union Schism, a player named Joe_Da_Dude was discovered by the Balance to have a level attempting to imitate the LBP Union. Joe also had a clan with the intent to declare war on others. Joe's activities were collectively condemned by the Balance, the LittleBIGHeroes, and the LittleBigPlanet Union.[2]

In response, Joe_Da_Dude appealed to the original Anti-Red Eagle Army uprising led by AMKA-IRONHIDE. In an attempt to defend the LBP Union, M88youngling's Commando Recon Operations fought the clan while LittleBIGHeroes and Balance forces attempted to infiltrate Joe_Da_Dude's clan to dismantle it from within.[2]

In an Online Create Battle at the CRO's Red River base, AREA was defeated. The CRO then broke the terms of battle and seized all of AREA's vehicles that were used for the fight.[4] The results of the Balance and LittleBIGHeroes espionage campaign against Joe are unknown.

It is not known exactly what became of AREA immediately following the battle. However, the original AREA is known to have failed in its objective of destroying Red Eagle Army. It would later succeed with the help of Polarlab and many others in the AREA conflict.[5]



According to Polarlab's Clan Census, the Balance had approximately 10 members.[6]

Three members of the Balance are known to have had the LBP2 Beta. They were ConorMcK101, Bladex61, and SOL_19.[2]

Two pairs of members were related to one another in the Balance. Conor and Conall were cousins, and so were Bladex61 and SOL_19.[2]


The Balance spoke English. It is not known if any other languages were spoken by its members.


The Balance was administrated by the leader, a co-leader, a second-in-command, and then a third-in-command. Together, they formed the Balance Council. It is not known if the council had any members who did not fulfill the aforementioned positions.[2]

Throughout the existence of the Balance. ConorMcK101 was the only leader. Rose_Girl_4_Eva, later known as Demonic_Angel966, at one point temporarily lead the clan in Conor's absence.[2]

It is presumed that the Council made decisions via voting. It is unknown whether or not ConorMcK101 was able to override any Council decisions.[2]

Foreign Relations and Military

The Balance was allies with numerous clans, including Akatsuki and Dragon Dusk. It was also a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union, in which it formed close ties with another Union member state, the Agents led by M88youngling. This eventually led to its close relationship with M88youngling's later clan, Commando Recon Operations.[2]

The Balance had numerous conflicts with other clans during its existence, including the Unseen Forces, the Demons, Anti-Red Eagle Army, and Joe_Da_Dude.[2]

It is known that the LittleBigPlanet Union discouraged war. However, despite being a Union member state, the Balance pursued Qmac_Attack fairly consistently over the course of its existence and membership with the Union.

Uniform of the Balance

Culture and Style

When the Balance was founded, the clan drew inspiration from its close ally Akatsuki. The Balance adopted an assassin aesthetic. The default uniform for members was an entirely white outfit composed of the Ezio hood from the Assassins Creed II pack, gloves and shoes, and Cole's jacket and trousers from the inFamous pack. The Council's uniform was the same except entirely black.[2]

There was also a uniform for a position called the Judge. This was composed of pants, shoes, and the New Years Boy's Robes from the Chinese New Year pack.[2]

Originally, the logo of the Balance was a "red star surrounded at its points [by] blue tear shapes."[2]



The Balance is known to have had at least two levels. There was a recruitment center level created to be located in Rishikesh, India. This level is known to have had a randomizer logic piece, but it is not known what it was used for. There was also an information center for members that was created to be located in Shibuya, Japan. [2]


The Balance had three internal divisions for non-LittleBigPlanet activities., including ModNation Racers, Club Penguin and a roleplaying forum called The Great City.

ConorMcK101's Balance Mobile for the ModNation Racers division.

ModNation Racers

Balance Leader ConorMcK101 acquired ModNation racers in the summer of 2010. Balance members in Europe were eligible to become part of this division.[2]

The Great City

Sometime in 2008 before the release of LittleBigPlanet, ConorMcK101 created a now defunct roleplaying forum called The Great City with his friends Oisin and Kevin. By September 18th, 2010, it had 22 members with four members from LittleBigPlanet and had 150 topics.[2][7]

During a roleplay on this forum, ConorMcK101 gave M88youngling the character name 'Michael Youngling'.[4]

Club Penguin

Sometime around October 2010, (check) the Balance began its Club Penguin Division, led by Oisin. His objective was to 'liberate the mammoth server of CP from the Army of Club Penguin'. (balance article) However, this was removed from the Balance's old wiki article on February 11th, 2011. This suggests that the division was closed around this time.[8]