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The Angels of Light are a clan participating in the BattleClanArea5 community.


Not much is known about the origin of the Angels of Light.

The Banishment Of The_KingOfLight_

On February 13th, 2020, The_KingOfLight_ (Lauden) was banished by Asukas Titan King, Anererak in a Titan Duel. It was a sword duel, and the score was 100-0. Anererak supposedly banished Lauden for banishing Asukas Titan, SolinSphinx.[1]



The Angels of Light has about seven or eight members.[2]


The Angels of Light speak English.


The Angels of Light are led by HolyGilthunder.[2]

Foreign Relations and Military

The Angels of Light are allied with the Akisuma Empire.[3]

Culture and Style

Angels of Light uniform

Like other BattleClan kingdoms, the Angels of Light do not have a distinct creative style. Instead, they create long hallway-style levels with notes meant to convey information. They rank themselves based on their competitive status against other kingdoms in BattleClanArea5.


It is not known how the group communicates with its members, if at all.


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