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The Red Skull Republic Skull Plan was an infochip box that depicted a conspiratorial plot against the Axis Alliance in 2014. It is best known for its influence on the Axis Alliance / LBP Union Conflict.


Acquisition by the Axis Alliance

According to PolarisPhaedra, the box was allegedly discovered by an Axis spy within the LittleBigPlanet Union. Polaris claims that the spy acquired the Skull Plan from a "Low rank person" and "one of [his] higher ups...gave it to [him]."[1] Polaris then confronted Union President M88youngling with the plans, as they implicated the president in the plot against the Axis. M88youngling and Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer denied the charge, leading to a discussion about the box. PolarisPhaedra demanded that the LBP Union aid him in defeating HomocidalChicken, the leader of the Red Skull Republic. When the Union leaders voiced skepticism about the legitimacy of the Skull Plan, Polaris threatened to attack the Union. Polaris however did agree to give President M88youngling the box for further study.[2]

Union Meeting with HomocidalChicken

Although no written records are known to exist of this meeting, Union President M88youngling and Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer soon after their meeting with Polaris arranged a meeting with Red Skull Republic leader HomocidalChicken to find out the truth about the Skull Plan. Chicken claimed that the box was a hoax. He revealed that there was a secret message in the opening body of the Plan: the first letter of each line spells the phrase Polar fucking sucks. HomocidalChicken claimed that this was a distraction from his real plan to destroy the Axis. The Union officials agreed to stay silent about the nature of the Skull Plan in the hopes that Chicken might eliminate the Axis, as they both disagreed with Polaris's fascist ideologies.[3][citation needed]

Influence on the Conflict

The Skull Plan played a major role in the events of the conflict between the Axis Alliance and the LBP Union. Afraid that the Union and the Red Skull Republic might be working together, the Axis's became more aggressive toward the Union. The nature of the acquisition of the box supports the idea that there was legitimate Axis espionage against the Union.

The LBP Union was also influenced by the Skull Plan. Believing that it was a cover up for HomocidalChicken's 'real plan' to destroy the Axis, LBP Union leaders refrained from acting directly against the Axis in fear of interfering with Chicken's plot. As the days went on without action from Chicken, the Union eventually grew anxious that HomocidalChicken was lying and continued to plan for their own retaliation against the Axis.[4]


The Skull Plan box with an orange background.

The Skull Plan was an infochip placed on a detailed box-shaped object. When placed into the level, the box would turn the background sky color orange and begin playing the Festerd_Jester song Solace. The chip is organized into several sections and contains many stickers. Like other infochips, the Skull Plan uses logic notes to store its content. After a certain amount of time, the box emits a series of floating entities which float to the right. The entities' logic movers are visible.

When the microchip is opened, the contents are displayed on a two dimensional plane. The microchip contains more microchips on this plane which act as additional sections to organize content such as logic notes and stickers.


A transcription of the Skull Plan was created on June 20th, 2019 and published to the Union Archive Library on March 24th, 2020. The full transcription is available here.