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The Shadow Epoch was the time period that lasted roughly from the Union Schism to the end of 2013. This era is notable for having a high amount of activity among LBP clans and also a high frequency of clan warfare.


The Shadow Epoch was recognized by M88youngling as a way of referring to the period of high clan activity between late 2011 and late 2013. Many of the major clans from the Shadow Epoch had already been established during the days of the Union and even perhaps before that. These clans were groups like the Red Skull Republic, Fallen Republic and Akatsuki.

A defining feature of this period was its many 'wars' fought through various means. Several forms of war were developed, based on previous conflicts. Some of these forms were create war, mech battle, and Online Create Battle. Create war was a practice where the two warring parties would create a level, and the level with the most likes would be considered a victor. This favored larger clans and groups with alternative accounts.[1] Create war was the most popular form of conflict resolution. Mech battle and Online Create Battle were more limited to specific clans.[citation needed]


Red Eagle Army vs Anti Red Eagle Army

Sometime early in the Shadow Epoch, the Red Eagle Army found itself in a civil war with an organization developed by a defecting REA member called Anti-Red Eagle Army. The conflict lasted several months and resulted in the REA falling into inactivity, though it is not known if AREA was completely responsible for the fall of the REA. AREA eventually also fell into inactivity.

Rise and Fall of Akatsuki

Akatsuki, an influential power, was the subject of multiple conflicts during this time. Ultimately, Akatsuki collapsed from these pressures and internal conflict.[citation needed]


By the end of the Shadow Epoch, nearly every single clan present during this time had collapsed from over two years of war. Create war was adopted by the reformed Axis Alliance during the time of the refounded LBP Union and the tactic was used against the LBPU. However, the LBPU stood firm and refused to accept the challenge, marking the end of mainstream create war.

Many veterans from the Shadow Epoch have said that they believe that creative output and activity from clans significantly decreased after the Shadow Epoch.[citation needed]