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The Serpentine Republic was an attempted clan and member state of the Remnants Union. Though it had no members and mainly served as the brand of its founder, the Republic is notable for its involvement in the Remnants Union / LittleBigPlanet Union War.



The Serpentine Republic was founded by Nickalis02 sometime in 2014 and became a member state of the Remnants Union, despite its lack of members aside from Nickalis. XFinal_IsaacX, Presidente of the Remnants Union at the time, built the Serpentine Republic's recruitment level. The level was not very effective at gaining members for the Republic.[1]


The Serpentine Republic did not immediately make it public knowledge that it was a member state of the Remnants Union and this became a tool of Isaac's war effort against the LittleBigPlanet Union. XFinal_IsaacX supplied Nickalis02 with fake pictures of chatlogs where Union president M88youngling allegedly explained that the Union was simply a way of putting himself in control of others. Isaac had Nickalis publish these photos with the intention of destroying the Union administration's credibility.[1] The Union believed that Nickalis was presenting this information in order to make it seem like it was coming from a third party rather than from the Remnants Union. The level was targeted by the Union Task Force by order of the Union president on grounds of hostilities against the Union and the level was destroyed by organized tactical grief reporting strikes within 24 hours. [citation needed]



The only known member of the Serpentine Republic was Nickalis02, though he claims one other member might have been involved.


The Serpentine Republic spoke primarily English.


The exact workings and plans for the government should the clan have expanded are not known. It is known that it was intended to be some kind of autocratic dictatorship.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Serpentine Republic was a member of the Remnants Union, and thus by association was at war with the LittleBigPlanet Union after the Remnants Union declared war.[citation needed]

The military of the Serpentine Republic is not known to have existed.

Culture and Style

The style of the Serpentine Republic was mainly based on the founding concept of the clan, that being of a Ugandan and South-African style state. Nickalis02 outsourced most of the clan's content to other creators like XFinal_IsaacX to create its recruitment level and flag.[1]


Since the Serpentine Republic had few if any members other than its leader, it is unlikely that standard systems of communication and infrastructure existed in the organization.


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