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SamuraiEzoiar is a clan founder of the Republic of Taiyang and a former co-leader of Foxarmy. His former name was "Xander_Beck". His account was created in Febuary 8th 2013. He is also currently a Peacekeeper Captain for LBP Union and was a brief leader for UTF at 2022.


Before clanning

SamuraiEzoiar or originally known as Xander_Beck, joined LBP community on Feburary 8th 2013, Because of him being underaged in the community by that time, He simply gotten friends on PSN. At some point at 2014 to 2015, he met a person which will connect him deeply into a friend group, Which will later be split and formed Foxarmy and Birdarmy as LBP clans.

Foxarmy's early ages

Following the formation, Xander_Beck made Foxarmy's base for information and news. He later invited few people into Foxarmy such as jumbojuu. During the battle against Dogs Clan, His involvment is unknown but it is known to be part of peacemaking with Dogs Clan. Xander_Beck repeatly insisted DEUCE2CON to give him Co-Leader rank since he participated alot in Foxarmy's formation and growth, DEUCE2CON later accepted and gave him the rank.

Foxarmy's growing unrest

Xander_Beck got the Co-Leader after insisting DEUCE2CON, meaning he can do almost anything as DEUCE2CON can do. Because of it, Foxarmy started to corrupt slowly and later become controversial.

Meanwhile a battle with Portaljude2, He made lots of propaganda and giveaways for the battle. Portaljude2 later requested to join Foxarmy's side to gang up on a side because a child made a clan against Foxarmy and named it after Portaljude2, Portaljude2 and Foxarmy ganged up on a child and later surrendered on them.

Xander_Beck later spreaded Foxarmy into the internet without DEUCE2CON's consent and caused Foxarmy to turn from LBP clan into Internet clan.

Foxarmy's fate

Around 2016-2018, He started up a Google+ Group, Because of high percent of members having Google+ account, Most of them joined the group.

An unknown organization goes by the name, N.I.C.R, started hacking groups to change ownership multiple times.

Razor Clan started to break Foxarmy as it is highly unstable and easily defeatable, Ultimately deleting Foxarmy's main level, Losing most previous information.

Xander_Beck finds this unaceeptable and attempts to expand further into the internet and tries to keep Foxarmy together.

It is unknown but according to some former member of Birdarmy, Possibly joking that Foxarmy had a Discord Server.

Xander_Beck later ended Foxarmy as it was highly unactive and broken.

Return to clanning

Around the COVID-19 pandemic, Ezoiar started receiving past memories and decides to make a clan during clanning losing popularity, Hoping that clanning would still exist but restrict all radical and toxic clans from existing. On September 5th, During jumbojuu's birthday, He made the clan first in Discord as his PS3 was completely unplugged and disconnected from internet, and high inactivity from PS4, then invited jumbojuu to be the Co-Leader. He would later find LBP Union Archive Wiki and made a page for Foxarmy for historical information, He would later meet m88youngling and at some point, Ezoiar made Republic of Taiyang page on the wiki, m88youngling noticed Ezoiar has been making a clan and m88youngling found it's way to join Republic of Taiyang's Discord Server, later giving invite to the LBPU Discord Server and will lead to an alliance with Toppat Clan. Ezoiar personally likes history, Specifically on East Asia, He is a big fan of Three Principles of the People and so he implemented it to Republic of Taiyang.



DEUCE2CON and Xander_Beck made a clan together named Foxarmy around 2015 or 2016 meanwhile in dramatic conflict. Xander_Beck was the first target for their civil war, As DEUCE2CON stated that Xander_Beck made the conflict with Birdarmy worse, Former Birdarmy members supported Xander_Beck returning to Foxarmy, Former Birdarmy members would later switch sides as they wanted something from him to do, He was later ranked as Co-Leader again as he surrendered and was forgiven. Xander_Beck was also the one to announce the collapse of the clan.


Xander_Beck later made his first clan by himself, Which died quickly.

Republic of Taiyang

SamuraiEzoiar came back to LBP community in September 2020, which then he made a new clan named Republic of Taiyang with Jumbojuu.

The Mecha Destiny

SamuraiEzoiar was a member for The Mecha Destiny for cooperation with Foxarmy, Although he possibly got kicked out from the clan.

Union Task Force

Ezoiar was briefly a leader for 2 days~ at the Union Task Force, He carried an operation with 70~ UTF members to place a LBP tree in r/place, His operation was successful and the LBP tree is now immortalized in r/place 2022.