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Republic of Taiyang is currently active!
Ask their leader SamuraiEzoiar on PlayStation Network if you are interested in joining and check out their levels on LittleBigPlanet!

The Republic of Taiyang (Chinese: 太阳民阔, Pinyin: Taiyang Minkuo, Literally: Sun Republic), Also known as Taiyang, Fourth Republic of Taiyang, or more, is an inter-game clan mainly lead by SamuraiEzoiar, former co-leader of Foxarmy, and also lead by Jumbojuu, Former leader of Freearmy and former member of Foxarmy.[1]

The founder of Taiyang, Ezoiar describes this clan as the "Monument of Clanning" for attempting to revive clanning but kept peaceful and focus on collaborations.

Taiyang has a de facto subsidiary studio, Kitsune Studios, It is best known for creating a mod for Hearts of Iron IV about LBP clanning, It is currently a member on International Creators Council at NationStates with a de facto puppet state, A severe authoritarian state named "New Taiyang".

Republic of Taiyang is also known for being the first clan active on a custom LittleBigPlanet server, being operated on the LBP Union's official developer instance of Project Lighthouse.


The clan first went with the name "Peacemaker Union", however since their original plans were scrapped later on, The "Peacemaker Union" were scrapped too. Afterwards they went with "Oriental Union" which was quickly changed to "Taiyang Union" due to a controversy to the word "Oriental". "Taiyang Union" would eventually become "Republic of Taiyang".

They would not mind being called China, and Republic of China.



The Republic of Taiyang was first founded on September 5th of 2020 as the Peacemaker Union as the successor of Foxarmy and several other clans. Throughout the rest of the year the Peacemaker Union's government would shift many times, deciding on new political ideologies to guide the organization frequently.[1]

Unofficial Annexations

SamuraiEzoiar claims that their clan annexed former clans, or more simply joined, This would be Birdarmy, and other more possible former clans.[1][2] On October 10th, the Republic of Taiyang declared that Portaljude2's Army had been annexed as a state along with a few others.[3]

Hybrid Regime

On November 15th, the Peacemaker Union adopted a policy known as the hybrid regime, which operated on the Three Principles of the People. This also resulted in an update of the clan's flag.[4]

Name Change

On December 10th, the Peacemaker Union's administration decided to change the name of the organization. It was briefly discussed that this new name would be the Oriental Union. However, ultimately the new name of the clan was decided to be the Taiyang Union due to the potentially derogatory nature of the word oriental. The purpose behind this change was to better align the Union's style with far east-Asian cultures and governments.[5]

Finalization of Government

On December 30th, the Republic of Taiyang underwent another major reform which resulted in SamuraiEzoiar and Jumbojuu holding joint leadership over the organization. The Taiyang administration also scrapped its prospective formal alliance organization project, Clans United Front. The Republic of Taiyang considered these changes to be the final changes necessary before officially declaring the clan complete. They announced that recruitment would open in early 2021.[6]

Later that same day, the Republic of Taiyang formed an alliance with Toppat Clan after m88youngling's proposal.[7]

On January 2th 2021, Republic of Taiyang accepted The Toxic Regime's alliance offer, Making them allies for a while.

Minor Name Change

On January 5th, Ezoiar once changed the clan's name for the final time from Taiyang Union to Republic of Taiyang by a poll, It is also been told that it has a shorten name "Taiyang".

Taiyang Expansionism

On April 2nd 2021, Ezoiar made a Roblox group for Taiyang, making it now from Inter-LBP Clan to Inter-gaming Clan.

Influence Struggle

Ever since the shutdown of the LBP servers, Taiyang is in a tough spot of recruiting members, Mostly because it could not make a recruitment level and the collapsing community of LBP clanning. Because of this, Taiyang has plans to reform themselves that fit themselves to the current state of rest of LBP community.

Ever since the establishment, They have been quiet too.

From July 19th 2021 to September 10th 2021, They are going more quiet and hidden due to possible pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.[2]

Since September 10th 2021, They are de facto mostly in a standstill, However their leader(s) still remain de jure active. They will remain standstill until they can properly recruit.

2021-2022 period

Taiyang reached it's first anniversary on the 5th of September.

Following September 10th 2021, They have plans to abandon laws and everything government related except for its government, cities and political parties, to hopefully recruit easier.

They also have plans to revamp their clan to make it simpler.

Then they went under reformation at September 12th-13th 2021, It was declared closed clan until they were fully finished.

Following the same day, The LBP servers is officially back but did not bring back PS3 versions. Luckily for Taiyang that they did not do too much work on these versions.

Sometime late 2021 and early 2022, They had some unfinished proposals to create a federation. with a council representing every clans, one democratically selected premier from the council for each month and an eternal president.

On February 22th 2022, The Republic of Taiyang created a sign-up level for their clan on the LBP Union's private beta custom LittleBigPlanet server, known as Project Lighthouse. The Republic of Taiyang is the first clan to operate on a custom LittleBigPlanet server.



The Republic of Taiyang has members from Europe, and the Americas.[1]

However they used to claim that they have more than five members as they claim they have entirety of Foxarmy, and Birdarmy. They are now looking forward recruiting Foxarmy, and Dogs Clan Veterans

Since February 22th 2022, Taiyang has gotten more than four members


The Republic of Taiyang's government has declared that its official languages are English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, Filipino, Cantonese, Korean, and Russian. However, they primarily speak English to communicate, and minor of them speaks other languages.[1]


Former flag for Republic of Taiyang

First Government

The original government structure adopted by the Peacemaker Union on September 5th was partially democratic. The core government was necrocratic. Though the leader is alive, It was a poor word choice.[1]

Although a system of elections existed during this time, SamuraiEzoiar enacted a permanent policy which gives him full control regardless of who is in power. This system was replaced by the Second Government on November 15th, 2020.[1]

Second Government (Nov 15th 2020 - Dec 30th 2020)

On November 15 2020, SamuraiEzoiar reformed the Peacemaker Union, adopting a Dictatorship Hybrid Regime, with Tridemism few other adjustments.[1]

On December 10th, Peacemaker Union changed its name to the Taiyang Union after an agreement between SamuraiEzoiar and Jumbojuu themselves.[1]

On December 20th, the Republic of Taiyang administration reconsidered their government structure and replaced the Hybrid Regime system with Socialism. The Second Government was eventually replaced by the Third government on December 30th.[1]

Third Government (Dec 30th 2020 - Sep 12th 2021)

On December 30th, 2020, the Republic of Taiyang further refined the clan's government by replacing socialism with democratic socialism. The Taiyang administration also instated temporary dual-leadership. If the Republic of Taiyang chooses to, dual leadership may become a permanent policy.[1]

Following that day, SamuraiEzoiar established a political party system.[1]

At September 12th 2021, A week after it's first year anniversary, Taiyang reformed itself to be more newbie-friendly therefore ending the third government. It means it is the current long-lasted government (257 days) in the entire Taiyang's history.

Fourth Government "更新政府/Refreshed Government" (Sep 13th 2021 - Feb 22th 2022)

Due to severe growth statistics, Taiyang planned to reform itself to be more fitting as a small clan, such as abolishment of laws, temporary military-free, abandoning the idea of early constitution.

They have also established autonomous regions or local governments.

The proposal also affects leadership to be more secure control to prevent leadership go to the wrong hands, despite being a democracy. Which means Ezoiar is a "permanent leader", or rather eternal chairman until he decides to resign completely.

Most of these effects last until they reach enough members to securely reestablish.

The fourth government de-facto ended when the sign-up level was established.

Fifth Government "國民政府/National Government" (Mar 3rd 2022 - present)

Taiyang started to reform itself completely, Firstly they will no longer be neutral but they will be mostly defensive if they were to be attacked. Secondly, they are planning to create a ranking system with a profile card.


Leaders Vice Leaders Term Start Term End Type/Party Note
SamuraiEzoiar Jumbojuu (Jumbojuku) September 5 2020 November 15 2020 (1st Reformation) Necrocratic-Democracy
SamuraiEzoiar Jumbojuu (Jumbojuku) November 15 2020 (1st Reformation) December 30 2020 (2nd Reformation) Hybrid Dictatorship-Tridemism (first)

Socialist-Tridemism (second)


Jumbojuu (absent in-game)


(Director) + Council

December 30 2020 (2nd Reformation) Ongoing Kuomintang - Minzhudang - Independent The leadership is unchanged during reformation from the fifth government.

Foreign Relations

At one point in time, the Republic of Taiyang planned to establish Clans United Front, an alliance of clans aligned with its interests. It was named after a real-life WW2 alliance named Second United Front. [1] In December 30th 2020, the Taiyang administration scrapped the formal alliance plans, citing that there was "no reason for it to exist".

From at July 11th 2021, They installed Swiss Neutrality and Partial Isolationism into their government.

They currently own an unannounced council for Foxarmy, Birdarmy, and Dogs Clan veterans inspired from USSR's Commonwealth of Independent States, which only Taiyang is the member.

They also de-facto own another clan which is exclusively on Roblox, Combining those two clans will make it up to more than a 100 members.

The administration used to want to join LittleBigPlanet Union despite their government collapse, until they have expanded their goals which no longer just focuses on clans, However they are de-facto in a LBPU-related council created in NationStates


On December 30th, 2020, Republic of Taiyang and Toppat Clan formed an alliance.[7] On January 2nd 2021, Republic of Taiyang and The Toxic Regime formed an alliance. However, on June 28th, the Taiyang Union dissolved its alliance with the Toxic Regime.[8]

Allies Formed Dissolved Type
Toppat Clan Dec 30 20 Full
The Toxic Regime Jan 2 21 Jun 28 21 Full

Political Parties

Taiyang's Naval Jack and also it's used as Kuomintang Party Flag.

Because their clan styled after that of a nation, they Republic of Taiyang included political parties into their government, one of the first LBP clans known to do so with more than one party. Although the Fascist Party existed within the Axis Alliance in 2014, the Axis Alliance was technically a one party state. The three parties of the Republic of Taiyang are founded by SamuraiEzoiar.[1]

The ruling parties is Kuomintang and Minzhudang, Dominantly Kuomintang, The ruling parties cannot be changed unless by popular demand, disbanding, mass issues, or enforced by foreign power.

Every party is forced to also follow the policies of Partial Isolationism and Swiss Neutrality.[2]

from April 2021 to July 19th 2021, They have purged communist political parties to protect Ezoiar's innocence in the Filipino Terrorist "Communist" Insurgency.[1]

At March 2022, They have removed unused parties, leaving only two parties.

This list only shows de-jure political parties, de-facto parties but not recognized is not registered according to the government.

Color Party Name Chairman Secretary Inspired with Membership Ideology Note
United Front
Navy Blue Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) [KMT] SamuraiEzoiar SamuraiEzoiar ROC's Kuomintang 1 Tridemist,

Big tent.

Kuomintang is collaborating with Minzhudang.

Kuomintang is the founding party of the clan.

As of March 2021, Ezoiar applied Despotism, and then on April, He replaced Democratic Socialism with Liberalism.

As of July 2021, It has merged both leftist and rightest thoughts into one party. At some point, It is now considered as a big tent party.

Dark Red Minzhudang (Democratic Party) [MZD] Jumbojuu Vacant ROC's Kuomintang 1 Tridemist, Social Democracy Minzhudang is collaborating with Kuomintang
Orange Lianbangdang (Federalist Party) [LBD] SamuraiEzoiar SamuraiEzoiar None 1 Federalism

Factions: Various

Lianbangdang can be a secondary party.

The Republic of Taiyang strictly prohibits far-right and far-left ideologies, and would take action if there's any far-rightist and far-leftist parties exists within Taiyang.[1]

Ezoiar also encourages people to create parties, However will be limited so that the list of parties will remain small.

Administrative divisions

Taiyang has established a system of administrative divisions, However they enforce their claims on the clan map.


Currently there is none.

Autonomous Regions

西伯利亚自治区/Siberian Autonomous Region

Also known as 东俄罗斯自治区/East Russia Autonomous Region, It is located at Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East, They only exist as a government

新香港/New Hong Kong

Located at Hong Kong, It was created to honor the 2019 protests.

东德自治区/East German Autonomous Region

Located at Qingdao, It claims to have Germanic ethnicities such as German, Austrian, Swiss, Danish, Swedish, etc.

It also acts as a proposed puppet government if Taiyang defeated a German clan.

Federation Idea

At January 5th 2022, Ezoiar had an idea of turning Taiyang into a federal state and forming a federal clan where a few of handpicked members will have ability to create their own federal state. However it is not finished and has no interests as in now.

Culture and Style

Their culture and style is based on Far East, and Central Europe.

Their other style is a nation-styled, Their clan highly resembles the Republic of China and Taiwan from Sun's provisional presidency to Chiang's regime. Their clan can also resemble a bit at South Korea and Japan.[1]

Republic of Taiyang had plans to change their entire culture and style if they start to see threats in real life.[1]

They also have fully abandoned their former styles and culture from Foxarmy.

Chinese Administration

Despite Ezoiar being mainly is Danish-Filipino, He has ancestry history which China is involved. And for Jumbojuku's case, He himself is a full Chinese.


The Taiyang Army is the Republic's de jure organized military organization. The troops are commanded by either highest ranked troop or leader. The Republic of Taiyang recognizes the following methods of combat:

Combat Method Game Assigned Team Within Game Estimated Strength Assigned Troops
Grand Strategy Hearts of Iron 4 China + Warlord cliques (vanilla)

Republic of Taiyang (mod)

6/10 Unassigned
Battlefield War Thunder China


4/10 Unassigned
Online Create Battle LittleBigPlanet 2-3 Republic of Taiyang 7/10 Unassigned
Other If available, the Republic of Taiyang

prefers to play as an Asian nation

or faction.


The Republic of Taiyang is willing to play competitively via other methods, given that these methods are reasonable. The Republic of Taiyang currently does not have any equipment for combat in LittleBigPlanet.[1]

Their policy of neutrality does not however affect these activities and rather for fun.

One proposal includes the military being de facto disbanded temporarily.


Social Medias and Contact

They communicate in a Discord Server for now. They also have Twitter Account, and a YouTube Channel.[1]


They have only 1 level published related to Republic of Taiyang.[1]

Levels Completion Author Link Genre/Type Note:
Abandoned Base 100% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable for now. Showcase This level is the only level Taiyang has at LBP2 official servers before shutdown.
Hepingjing Presidental Palace 10% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Showcase
Shogunate Palace Planned SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Showcase
Recruitment Level Importantly planned SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Clan Core
Embassy Street Planned SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Diplomatic
Legislative Yuan Planned SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Government Core

Lighthouse Levels

Levels Completion Author Link Genre/Type Note:
Republic of Taiyang Clan Sign-up 100% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Sign-up This level is the first clan sign-up level for both Taiyang and Project Lighthouse
Hepingjing Presidental Palace 0% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Showcase
Shogunate Palace 0% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Clan Core
Embassy Street 0% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Diplomatic
Legislative Yuan 0% SamuraiEzoiar Unavailable Government Core

National Studio

Republic of Taiyang has a de-facto national studio named Kitsune Studios, They are currently developing a LBP Clans mod called the "Hearts of Creativity" for Hearts of Iron IV.


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