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The Remnants Union-LBP Union War was the first major conflict the refounded LBP Union was involved in. It resulted the LBP Union successfully repelling Remnants Union aggression.


The conflict was preceded by a dispute over the allegiance of the Autobots, a former Remnants Union state. A separate event involving a quasi-organization known as the Sa'Reth Rebellion also contributed to the deteriorating relations between the LBP Union and the Remnants Union.

With similar interests, the rapid growth of the LBP Union in the first few months of 2014, and the Remnants Union's territorialism, conflict was perhaps inevitable between the two powers.

The Autobots Dispute

A week prior to the reformation of the LBP Union, the Autobots entered negotiations to become part of the new alliance on December 8th, 2013.[1] They became an official member state of the Union after the LBP Union's Constitution entered effect on December 14th. The Autobots would later become the Pirate Dinosaur Alliance.

However, sometime before February 11th, 2014, President XFinal_IsaacX of the Remnants Union contacted LBP Union President M88youngling, outraged that the Autobots had joined the LBP Union. He insisted that the Autobots were in fact a state of the Remnants Union's federation. He implied that he would utilize force to remove the Autobots from the LBP Union if necessary. He also insisted that if the Autobots were to remain in the LBP Union, another LBPU clan should be ceded to the Remnants Union. Isaac suggested that the New California Republic would be the clan to be ceded, but NCR President Lgmpm refused, deleting the comments that Isaac posted.[2]

Roughly one month after the beginning of the dispute, the Autobots formally seceded from the Remnants Union in favor of LBP Union membership via a referendum. President XFinal_IsaacX objected to the vote's result, claiming that the vote was open to all parties, not just PDA members.[3] However, President M88youngling objected to this, saying that the vote was for PDA members only. President M88youngling and President XFinal_IsaacX verbally agreed to a non-aggression pact, but nothing was agreed to in writing.[2]

Instability in the Jedi Order

The Jedi Order, a clan that the Remnants Union claimed as a member state, was disorganized at this point in time due to the absence of their leader, Rebeller93. RenegadeRhythm, a notable member of the Jedi Order, expressed to LBP Union President M88youngling around February 13th, 2014, that he was dissatisfied with the Remnants Union, indicating that the Jedi Order might be willing to become a Union member state instead.[4]

On February 19th, the Knights of the Force led by RenegadeRhythm split from the Jedi Order and became a member state of the LBP Union.[1][5] It is unknown if the Remnants Union was aware of this split, as it could have been interpreted to have been a breach of the non-aggression pact between the LBP Union and the Remnants Union.

Remnants Union Forms Ties With the Brotherhood of Steel

On March 5th, LBP Union President M88youngling wrote that he believed that the Brotherhood of Steel was under the control of Remnants Union President XFinal_IsaacX. The extent of the control that Isaac held over the Brotherhood of Steel is unknown. M88youngling suspected at the time that the Remnants Union might have control over the United Clans Federation as well since the BoS was an influential member of that alliance. This action contributed to tension between the LBP Union and the Remnants Union.[5]

Sa'Reth Rebellion

Little written documentation exists of the Sa'Reth Rebellion. It was a pseudo-organization founded by Zurchav-Tir, an alternate account of the LBP Union Task Force Commander Huntsman0007.[3]

Huntsman did not disclose that he was the leader of the Sa'Reth Rebellion until later, leaving LBP Union leaders in the dark. The Rebellion was was a parody of Islamic terrorist organizations such as ISIL. The LBP Union administration regarded the organization as 'trolls'. [3]

The Sa'Reth Rebellion had multiple levels depicting the kidnapping and execution of UTF Commander Huntsman007 and President M88youngling.[3] The Remnants Union would later criticize the LBP Union for the existence of the Sa'Reth Rebellion.

Competition Over New Clans

The Remnants Union and the LBP Union soon began to compete for the favor of new clans with the goal of convincing new clans to join their respective alliance. This first became the case with the Masquerade Society and the Yautja Predators on March 15th. RU President XFinal_IsaacX asked both clans not to join the LBP Union and requested that they join his alliance.[6]

Remnants Union anti-LBPU propaganda.

Remnants Union anti-LBPU propaganda.

The Conflict

The escalation of the tensions between the LBP Union and the Remnants Union did extend far beyond antagonizing comments between both sides. However, organized reporting was utilized by the Union Task Force in two separate instances with success.

Due to the inexperience of the LBP Union administration with a conflict of this scale, a firm plan of action did not take shape until later on. This is one of the only conflicts that the refounded LBP Union took part in where it actively responded to opposition through public comments.

The Remnants Union Escalates

Over the weekend of March 15th-16th, Remnants Union President XFinal_IsaacX accused the LBP Union administration of creating the Sa'Reth Rebellion as a publicity stunt in public comments on LBP Union President M88youngling's profile. M88youngling quickly called upon RenegadeRhythm, Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer, and Madcrazy_2013HD to aid in a response. They claimed to have successfully 'driven Isaac out'.[6]

M88youngling reached out to Huntsman007 and demanded that he terminate all Sa'Reth Rebellion-related activities, to which he agreed.[3]

M88youngling feared that the Remnants Union's next course of action might be to infiltrate the LBP Union with clans intended to break up the alliance.[6] However, it is unknown if the RU ever attempted this.

Remnants Union Propaganda Level

During the week of March 23rd to March 30th, while LBP Union President M88youngling was away for spring break, the Remnants Union published an anti-LBP Union level. M88youngling attempted to remotely organize the Union Task Force to respond but failed.[7] The level was called 'The Assassination of M88' and depicted the LBP Union administration being killed by a bomb during a meeting.[3]

In addition, Nickalis02, an individual that the LBP Union recognized as a troll, had begun to aid the Remnants Union. This led to the LBP Union classifying the Remnants Union as a troll organization.[7]

A poster advocating for the LBP Union made by Hardyboys- of Taurian Concordat.

A poster advocating for the LBP Union made by Hardyboys- of Taurian Concordat.

LBP Union Gains New Member States

Around March 31st, LBP Union President M88youngling wrote that the League of Heroes, the Infamous Second Sacks, and Peanut Gaming Empire had become member states of the LBPU, boosting the alliance's population to 174. This gave the LBP Union administration greater confidence of being able to withstand the efforts of the Remnants Union.[7]

President M88youngling also took note that the Brotherhood of Steel was in a dispute with an anti-furry troll account imitating Soldier-Boy_714's username. M88youngling saw this as a potential opportunity to regain the Brotherhood of Steel as an ally in the conflict and possibly as a member state of the LBP Union once more. The BoS supposedly took the issue of whether or not to rejoin the LBP Union to vote, but the results of this vote are not known. M88youngling noted that since XFinal_IsaacX was an elder on the BoS council, it was unlikely that he would have voted for the motion.[7]

Remnants Union poster.

Remnants Union poster.

Remnants Union Attempts To Sway LBP Union Member States

Sometime between March 16th and March 27th, the RU President XFinal_IsaacX contacted multiple Union leaders, including New California Republic President Lgmpm, Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer, Winged Wolf Alliance leader Spleentastik, Pirate Dinosaur Alliance Captain Hoeflers4, and Taurian Concordat leader Halkoonen. He attempted to convince them to turn against the LBP Union and join the Remnants Union, but this attempt failed.[8]

Remnants Union Propaganda Level Moderated

A few days prior to April 7th, 2014, RU President XFinal_IsaacX's anti-LBP Union propaganda level was deleted, presumably by moderators. LBP Union President M88youngling noted that this was likely due to organized grief reports conducted by the Union Task Force which reported the level for violence.[9]

Comment Flaming Subsides

On April 14th, 2014, President M88youngling noted that the 'flamewars' between the LBP Union and the Remnants Union had mostly cooled down. However, he was cautious that the RU may have been pursuing other methods of attack. M88youngling took note of three people who asked to join the Union on the LBP Union's HQ, describing that they had 'negative ties with the Remnants Union'. M88youngling suspected that they might have been RU spies.[9]

A few days later on April 16th, M88youngling wrote that Madcrazy_2013HD, the new commander of the Union Task Force, knew one of the potential spies from RU. The alleged spy informed M88youngling that the RU had been losing members.[10]

Nickalis02's Anti-Union Level

Sometime over the weekend of April 18th to April 20th, Nickalis02 independently published a level with falsified screenshots of a conversation between himself and LBP Union President M88youngling. The conversation depicted the LBP Union president as remarking that he was "using the Union" for his own ends. Believing the level to be a threat to the LBPU's reputation and a proxy attack from the Remnants Union Union Task Force quickly responded with organized grief reporting. The level was moderated by April 21st, 2014.[11]

Veteran Jedi Master from the Jedi Order, Peanut4569, advised M88youngling that the most optimal way to deal with trolls like Nickalis was to starve them of attention. This would guide the LBP Union's policy toward enemies in the future.[11]

Remnants Union anti-LBPU propaganda, depicting the LBPU as imperialist. The poster also depicted a version of the LBPU's flag based off of North Korea's flag.

Remnants Union anti-LBPU propaganda, depicting the LBPU as imperialist. The poster also depicted a version of the LBPU's flag based off of North Korea's flag.

Remnants Union Raids LBP Union Community Text Chats

On April 30st, 2014, the Remnants Union may have been involved with I_Keel_You_2001's raid on an LBP Union PlayStation Network text chat. RU members may have also broken into the chat again several more times alongside Keel over the next few weeks. Union Bureau of Investigation Director The-Pool_is-Open used an alternate account to impersonate a PlayStation Network moderator to scare off the invaders, an act that violates PlayStation's terms of service. President M88youngling was aware of the act and agreed to it, despite writing that it made him uncomfortable.[12]

On May 12th, evidence arose that The-Pool_is-Open was the one who had enabled I_Keel_You_2001 to infiltrate the LBP Union's community text chat. However, this evidence was dismissed by President M88youngling.[13]

Keel's harassment of Union members was supposedly motivated by his desire for the LBP Union to attack his clan, Lone Wolf Dynasty. This would allow him to call for aid from the United Clans Federation and the Remnants Union.[13]

On Saturday, May 17th, the Remnants Union raided an LBP Union monthly summit meeting which resulted in the meeting being relocated to a separate text chat. Axis Alliance forces also gained access to the chat, suggesting that the RU and the Axis were cooperating. After the meeting, the Axis Alliance and the United Clans Federation declared war on the LBP Union, potentially marking the beginning of the Axis Alliance-LBP Union Conflict.[14]

Flamewars Reignited

On May 20th, 2014, President M88youngling wrote that a flamewar had erupted again. However, it is unknown if this was referring to the Remnants Union or not.[15]

Around May 27th, President XFinal_IsaacX and other members of the Remnants Union argued with LBP Union members. Isaac repeated the phrase, "If you didn't support it why didn't you report it" in reference to the Sa'Reth Rebellion. M88youngling finally considered blocking Isaac and other RU members from commenting on his profile, justifying his choice by asserting that they were trolls.[16]

Taurian Concordat Secedes From the LBP Union

Due to misinformation provided by Union Bureau of Investigation Director The-Pool_is-Open, a dispute occurred between the LBP Union administration and Taurian Concordat. President M88youngling was misled into believing that a member named Hardyboys was in fact Nickalis02 in disguise.[17] However, this was untrue.

In response to the dispute, Taurian Concordat seceded from the LBP Union on May 31st and later became a Remnants Union member state.[1]

LBP Union Shifts Focus to the Axis Alliance

After this point, the LBP Union largely was more focused on dealing with the Axis-LBP Union Conflict. Remnants Union aggression toward the LBP Union was fairly minimal after this point.


The following is a table representing the losses suffered by both sides. Names of clans in the table are intended to represent clans that switched from one side to another.

Remnants Union RU FLag HD.jpg

LBP Union LBP Union Flag.jpg

Autobots (Pirate Dinosaur Alliance) December 14th, 2013
Knights of the Force February 19th, 2014
Lone Wolf Tiger Empire April 4th, 2014
XFinal_IsaacX's 'Assassination of M88' level moderated ~April 7th, 2014
Nickalis02's 'M88youngling Exposed' level moderated. ~April 21st, 2014
Several community text chats compromised. April-May, 2014
May 2014 Summit meeting raided. May 17th, 2014
Taurian Concordat May 31st, 2014

The Remnants Union suffered more material losses than the LBP Union, however not all of these were out of defense or aggression on the LBPU's part. For example, the Pirate Dinosaur Alliance and the Knights of the Force became member states of their own volition.

The Remnants Union caused significant disruption to the LBP Union's activities with numerous text chat raids. However, this did not result in any material losses and instead resulted in the LBP Union seeking out more secure methods of communication between member states.

The only material losses suffered by the LBP Union were Taurian Concordat's secession and the Lone Wolf Tiger Empire which later became Remnants Union member states, and LTWE soon opposed the LBP Union. It is unknown if swaying Taurian Concordat from the Union was a deliberate move enacted by the Remnants Union. Lone Wolf Tiger Empire's secession was primarily due to disagreements between the LBP Union administration and the LTWE's leader I_Keel_You_2001.

Due to the declining activity and population of the Remnants Union after the war as well as the difference in losses, the LBP Union claimed victory in the conflict. The Remnants Union's position on the result of the conflict is unknown.