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Razor Clan was a loose group of trolls presenting themselves as a LittleBigPlanet Clan sometime around 2016. They instigated conflicts with other clans and individuals.


Not much is known about Razor Clan. However, it is known to have been founded by RazorsonEdge. The clan was active in 2016.

LittleBigPlanet Union

In August, 2016, the LittleBigPlanet Union Commission was discussing a proposal drafted by M88youngling to take action against RazorsOnEdge and Razor Clan. This proposal was called the August Troll Containment Resolution. In the proposal, M88youngling described Razor Clan as "trolls...that deliberately incite flaming...harassment of others, and the use of levels designed to bully others."[1]

The text of the proposal also noted that YellowBentine was supposedly a member of Razor Clan and was known to "deliberately lure players in and force their game to crash with a game crashing device, which has been known to corrupt players' games to the point where they lose valuable game data."[1]

If the August Troll Containment Resolution had passed, it would have enabled the LBP Union to conduct formal action against Razor Clan in the form of organized grief reporting and a campaign to encourage the community to block and report Razor Clan members. This would, in theory, limit RazorsOnEdge and his members from gaining the attention they needed.[1]

Despite reaching six votes for the proposal, it did not reach a two thirds majority with four absent commissioners.[1] Because of this, the proposal failed to pass. M88youngling briefly considered using his clan, the New Lunar Republic, to conduct an unauthorized campaign to organize reporting against Razor Clan.[2]

According to New Lunar Republic's 'Operation Nightfall' plans to enforce the August Troll Containment Resolution, RazorsOnEdge had supposedly been banned during this time. The document credits Primevaliam with claiming that the Visarian Mandate carried out grief reporting that may have been responsible for Razor's temporary suspension from PlayStation Network.[3]

Conflict With Foxarmy

At some point during Razor Clan's existence, they had a conflict with Foxarmy. The nature of this conflict is unknown. [4]



Razor Clan's population is unknown.


They speak English, but it is unknown if they speak other languages.


The government of Razor Clan is unknown.

Foreign Relations and Military

Razor Clan is known to have had flaming conflicts with various organizations and individuals, including Foxarmy.[4]

Culture and Style

Razor Clan's style is unknown, but it's possible that the clan was based on piracy according to their logo.


Their Infrastructure is unknown.


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