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PugWorks Studios, previously known as DreamTeam Productions, is a dev clan which is primarily focused on making LBP creations lead by Oo_Toyo_oO, I'mRedTee, and Toastbrot_236. The clan strives to make varying creations together, although the clan has struggled to actually fulfill anything it promises for many reasons.


Light and Dark Studios

Sometime in 2017, Oo_Toyo_oO and InfinityZockerA9 were planning to form a clan by the name of Light And Dark Studios. It was going to be clan that would create levels that were Dark but also humorous. Shortly before they started recruitment, some issues arose between InfinityZockerA9 and Toyo and they scrapped the clan. InfinityZockerA9 deleted the recruitment as well. The level was going to allow people to vote for stuff such as the name of the clan. The short-lived clan sparked the idea to form a different clan with more respecting friends 3 years later.


The DreamTeam Productions logo.

They debated on a name for the clan, they settled with DreamTeam Productions. Toyo designed the logo (presumably). The "O" in the logo is from a drawing of a "Sans turtle" that Toastbrot_236 drew. The logo features a misspelling of the word "Productions" that went unnoticed by Toyo

Toastbrot_236 declared Toyo, Red, and himself are the leaders of the clan. Steven4immer and JonnyXD734 are said to be in the clan, but they have never spoken about their existence in the clan and they've never participated in any chat groups the clan has formed. There was also a member named MCstar but vanished after he helped with a level and is no longer considered a member.

Toyo created an Instagram account for the clan and a YouTube channel ( Went unused ).



Oo_Toyo_oO: German

Toastbrot_236: German

Steven4immer: German?

JonnyXD734: German?

I'mRedTee/Rdglex300: American


Primary language is English. Secondary language is German. German speaking members occasionally provide German translations.

Culture and Style

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