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Pool's Manifesto was a document published by The-Pool_Is_Open in a political attack against LittleBigPlanet Union President M88youngling during the Judgment Conflict. The document showcases the initial tactics of Judgment to chip away at the Union's reputation, but the document itself did not accomplish its mission to sway Union members.


The manifesto was posted in late 2014 and seemed to be designed to be read by all Union members, but most Union leaders never even received the document. The Union Protectors took note that the writing style of the manifesto was very different from that of Pool's. This led the Protectors to believe that the document may have been written by Jukewannabe or another member of Judgment.[1] According to Huntsman007, the document was written by Chimerandinos.[2] However, according to The-Pool_is-Open, the document was written in collaboration between himself and Jukewannabe.[3]

The document was created as a result of M88youngling's attempted blackmailing of Pool to gain information on Judgment,[4] as well as accusations that Pool's befriending of Judgment was treasonous.


Pool's Manifesto was framed in the beginning as a defense for Pool, but the majority of the document spends time attacking President M88youngling. The thesis calls for a class action suit against the LBP Union, but does not explain what this would entail in the context of clans.

The manifesto does make valid points in regards to pieces of the original Union Constitution. The primary point the document makes is of the definition of treason. Pool argued that there needed to be at least two witnesses of the same act of treason, and evidence that Pool was aiding the Union's enemies. Pool then went on to assert that Condemned individuals or clans were the only enemies of the Union. Since there were not any condemned clans, Pool assumed that the Union had no applicable enemies to use in his prosecution. However, the original Constitution does not assert that condemned persons or organizations are enemies.

The full manifesto can be found here.


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