The LBP Union Wiki

Peacemaker Union is the first historical form of the Republic of Taiyang, It mainly served as a rump state for Foxarmy and claimed it's other predecessors to be Birdarmy, and Dogs Clan,


Please provide as much information as possible and organize different eras of the clan with subheadings.



Briefly describe the trends of the population of the clan. Also, if possible, describe what regions members are from in the real world. Please do not be any more specific than countries.


Describe what language(s) the population uses and any efforts the clan makes to be multilingual.


Briefly describe the government of the clan here, and if necessary organize any branches or divisions of the government into subheadings to go into further detail.

Foreign Relations and Military

If applicable, describe how the clan handles its foreign affairs and defense forces.

Culture and Style

Describe the creative style of the organization. If possible, explain the history of the development of the style.


Describe how the organization holds events, meetings, and communicates.