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Organization Red Blood was a brief member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union in 2013.


Organization Red Blood was founded sometime in 2013 by Recycomonster. On December 15th, 2013, one day after the LBP Union was officially refounded, Organization Red Blood was added to the LBP Union Census. However, the clan's name was not yet known by the Union administration. Its census entry indicated that its name was "Red something". Its member count was also not known. The Union Protectors knew very little of Recycomonster's clan, but were open to it joining the Union.[1]

On December 23rd, the census was updated with the name "Organization Red Blood" and its population was recognized as having two members.[1]


On January 29th, 2014, Organization Red Blood was removed from the LBP Union Census.[1] Union President M88youngling wrote later in his journal that Organization Red Blood had seceded from the Union and declared war on Union member state True Mandalorian Empire. He wrote that the war ended soon after it started. However, Recycomonster's clan continued to be recognized as a problem to the Union administration around February 11th.[2]

The Sith Patrol

Organization Red Blood disbanded sometime around February 13th, 2014. Recycomonster agreed to apologize to TME's leader Ferbfan01. He then founded the Sith Patrol, a clan with the objective of destroying the Jedi Order.[3]



Not much is known about Organization Red Blood's population. The LBP Union Census reported that the clan had two members.[1]


Organization Red Blood spoke English.


Not much is known about the government of Organization Red Blood. It is presumed that Recycmonster, its leader and founder, had full power over the clan.

Foreign Relations and Military

Organization Red Blood was a member state of the LBP Union for about a month. However, it then seceded and declared war on Union member state True Mandalorian Empire. After this, the clan continued to voice opposition to the Union.

Culture and Style

Nothing is known about Organization Red Blood's culture and creative style.


It is not known how members of Organization Red Blood communicated with eachother, if at all.