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OmniCorp was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union founded by LegoAstronaut and later led by Blaster-Masta_.


OmniCorp became a member state of the LBP Union on March 7th, 2014 and was founded by LegoAstronaut. On June 19th, 2014, the Union Census indicates that the leadership over the corporation was handed over to Blaster-Masta_. The clan is thought to have fallen inactive and was then removed from the Union census in a large purge on March 21st, 2015.[1]



OmniCorp had at most two members during its existence according to the Union census.[1]


OmniCorp is known to have spoken English, but it is not known if any other languages were spoken.


OmniCorp described itself as being a private company led by capitalism. It aimed to help allied clans by supplying technology and weapons. It was adamant about associating itself with the LBP Union.[2]


OmniCorp had several divisions. The names of these divisions are not known. The recruitment process for OmniCorp selects a division for the prospective recruit by running them through a simulation. Decisions made during the simulation determine what division the recruit is placed into. LegoAstronaut cites the book Divergent as being inspiration for this system. Simulations were not repeatable, but a recruit may appeal to transfer divisions.[2]


The following are OmniCorp's rules,[2]

  • You will always stay loyal to this corporation and your division.
  • Double clanning is NOT permited.[sic]
  • Follow your all[sic] executive instructions.
  • Do NOT interact with any other clans without permission.
  • Sharing technology to other clans is NOT allowed by regular members.
  • If any clan goes to war, OmniCOrp has the right to NOT take involvement.

Foreign Relations and Military

OmniCorp was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union, and thus was allied with all other Union member states during this time.[1][2]

Culture and Style

OmniCorp's original logo.

OmniCorp underwent a logo change during its existence, but it is not known when this change took place. Omnicorp had three levels published by LegoAstronaut. These were a movie called OmniPotence - Rise of Omnicorp, OmniCorp Headquarters v.1, and OmniCorp Recruitment Facility.


OmniCorp's Level 1 access card.

It is not known how OmniCorp communicated with its members, if at all. OmniCorp is known to have had a keycard called "OmniCorp Level 1 Access KeyCard". This suggests that other levels of access may have been created.


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