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OddBall Studios is a creative cinematic team on LittleBigPlanet. Their productions include Cooking with Clive, OddBall Adventures, and others. Their Twitter page can be found here and their website can be found here.


OddBall Studios was created by PieLordPictures in 2014, inspired by the Muppets pack DLC levels. PieLord quickly convinced his friend TheMustacheGamer to join his team. They created a film called Cooking with Clive which was regarded as a success. After the success of Cooking with Clive, they created a recruitment level, advertising the creative organization. A new member, AwshumSauce, joined sometime after this. The three created a film called OddBall Adventures. Another friend of PieLord's, Kiffin_rejection, (known for her film, "2 Friends") joined OddBall Studios. She was known for her film, 2 Friends, and assisted in future OddBall Studios productions.

In 2017, due to a profile corruption, many assets and in progress creations were lost. PieLord decided to shift the group from LittleBigPlanet, to a more online variety studio, ranging from animations, comics, music, and live-action sketches.

Sackthing Studios Feud

Early on, OddBall Studios was involved in a feud with another creative team known as Sackthing Studios. According to OddBall Studios, Sackthing Studios plagiarized their ideas such as OddBall's production Cooking with Clive. The knockoff of Cooking with Clive spread throughout the community, most likely through level copying. OddBall Studios plotted a counter-campaign to discredit the actions of Sackthing Studios by releasing a longer film called Cooking with Clive: The Movie. The premise behind the film was in mockery of Sackthing Studios and their plagiarism of OddBall Studios content. When Sackthing Studios fell inactive following this, OddBall Studios considered their film a complete success and continued to create content. Sometime in 2017, according to OBStudios, most Sackthing Studios published Cooking With Clive episodes have been taken down. A sequel was planned, but later cancelled.

Culture and Style

OddBall Studios utilizes cartoon style elements and bright colors in its content. Dark outfits and shades of blue are used commonly.

VIP areas use a minty green striped pattern carpeting, and vine-wood oak walls.


OddBall Studios organizes communication through various Twitter group chats, which they refer to as OddChats. Due to unknown complications, there have been many OddChats with various names.

Odd Chat: 2015-2015 (Pie, Mustache, Awshum)

The New Odd Chat: 2015-Early 2016 (Pie, Mustache, Awshum, Kiffin)

OddChat: 2016-2016 (Pie, Mustache, Kiffin)

The 18th OddChat: 2016-2016 (Pie, Mustache, Kiffin)

ChatBall 2k17: Late 2016-2018 (Pie, Mustache, Awshum, Kiffin)

OddBall Straight Men+Woman: 2018-Present (Pie, Mustache, Awshum, Kiffin) (This is the first OddBall Discord chat)

(O.O.P.S.) OBA Official Public Server: 2018-Present (Pie, Mustache, Awshum, Kiffin) (This is the first OddBall public discord chat, owned by BlizzardFly)