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The New California Republic was a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union. It is best known for being a refounding state of the Union and one of the longest serving members of the Union.


The New California Republic soon discovered talk of the Union being refounded in the December of 2013. They quickly jumped in and sought member status. Lgmpm ratified the new Union constitution and confirmed their Union member state status for the NCR. Lgmpm initially served as the Union's Minister of Foreign Affairs, but soon jumped up to serve as Vice President. The NCR Vice President, CCSocalGamer, served as the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs after this.

Prior to the RU / LBPU War, the NCR became a target of the Remnants Union due to the loss of the RU state of the Autobots to the LBPU. The NCR was never swayed to the side of the Remnants Union and remained in the LBPU.

The NCR never grew much larger than 3 or 4 members, but it remained influential due to CCSocalGamer and Lgmpm's dedication to the Union. The New California Republic hosted the second Union Refoundation Day celebration. For a little while, the NCR sought to annex smaller Union clans as states in order to strengthen clans in the Union into larger entities, but this never caught on.



The population of the NCR remained very small during its membership with the Union. This may be attributed to its lack of proper recruitment levels. It is believed to have been larger before the refoundation of the Union.


The main language of the NCR is English.


The New California Republic modeled its government after the United States of America's government, making it very complicated and understaffed. It managed to run with only the President and Vice President for some time during its membership with the Union. It left room for a congress and court system should members become interested.

Foreign Relations and Military

The New California Republic's foreign affairs mainly went through the LBP Union. It's military was never truly developed during its time in the Union, and therefore was unable to contribute much to organized grief reporting and other tactics.

Culture and Style

The New California Republic is based off of their eponymous faction from the Fallout universe. Though it has a post-apocalyptic theme, it is a much more civilized one and depicts a society in dramatic recovery from nuclear devastation in the Mojave region of North America.


The New California Republic had large issues with communication during its time with the LBP Union. It wasn't until the winter of 2015 that President Lgmpm and Vice President CCSocalGamer could discuss affairs via Google Hangouts alongside the other Union Protectors. The NCR did not have very many published levels to promote itself due to Lgmpm being reluctant to release any of his work for fear of it being stolen and reused. ====