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The National Kürist Party was a member state of the Axis Alliance after its 2014 reformation. It had no notable impact on the community or the Axis Alliance.


The National Kürist Party was founded by Huntsman007 after the reformation of the Axis Alliance in 2014. Huntsman007 also formed a puppet state of the organization called the Blackguard, where his alternate account AlderGotteresint was in control. Huntsman used this to achieve two Fascist Party positions.



Huntsman007 has a history of using new clans to achieve membership and status in alliance groups, and these organizations tend to have no members other than himself. Both the clan and it's puppet state had no members aside from Huntsman himself.[1]


The National Kürist Party spoke English.


The government of the National Kürist Party is not known.

Foreign Relations and Military

The foreign relations and military strength of the National Kürist Party is not known.

Culture and Style

Flag of the Blackguard puppet state.

The style of the National Kürist Party reflected that of its allies in the Axis: dark themes and fascist jingoism.


Since the National Kürist Party and Blackguard had no members, is can be inferred from this assumption that there were no communications channels to set up any sort of infrastructure.


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