M88youngling's Journals

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M88youngling's journals are two notebooks containing handwritten logs of M88youngling's activities on LittleBigPlanet. The first journal's initial entry is November 4th, 2011 and the last entry of the second journal dates to August 31st, 2016. These journals provide important information about the Union schism, the Commando Recon Operations and the Interstellar Space Corps, the Shadow Epoch, and most importantly the rebuilt LittleBigPlanet Union.


The first notebook was received by M88youngling as a gift from a classmate sometime before December 5th, 2010 or on that date. The entries that follow up to November 4th, 2011 have no relevance to LittleBigPlanet. The second journal started being kept after the original notebook was completely full. The second journal's first entry is September 25th, 2014.


M88youngling's Journals 2.jpg
M88youngling's journals

M88youngling's journals were kept daily but rarely were kept over weekends. Earlier entries seem to include Online Create Battle arms research and development in addition to clan events. These earlier entries also seem to demonstrate the juvenile nature of M88youngling in these years. Even though the first journal starts in 2011, it does not mention nearly anything about the schism until much later, meaning that information about the schism is not recoverable from these writings.

First Journal

The first journal has writing on the cover in black pen. It reads, from top to bottom,


C.R.O Log

Residual Sanity

I.S.C Log

Soldier Wolves

LBP Union

There is also, in blue pen in the lower right corner of the cover, the word loser. The origin of this is unknown. The journal features a closing remark page on the very last page.

The transcription process for the first journal was completed on November 4th, 2017.

Second Journal

The second journal features no writing on the front cover, but features an introductory page briefly summarizing M88youngling's previous exploits.

The transcription process for the second journal was completed on November 8th, 2017.


A curated digital record of the journals is being archived here. It should be noted that these journals are the property of M88youngling and sections may be omitted for privacy, especially in the first journal.

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