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The Loyalist Union was a confederacy much like the old LittleBigPlanet Union before the Great Schism. It founded directly after the Great Schism in response to the foundation of the New Union.


Response to the New Union

Following the great schism, the Union split into two separate alliances, respectively called the New Union and the Loyalist Union. The Loyalists, led by self elected Godman2k7, wanted to preserve the former administration of the LBPU and blamed M88youngling and others in the New Union for the schism. The alliance was fairly nationalist and maintained a red color scheme and its own flag. The Loyalists mostly dedicated themselves to attempting to counter the New Union via propaganda, and its member states such as the Elite Sack Force waged conflicts against New Union states.


The Loyalist Union eventually fell inactive sometime later and Godman2k7 and the others abandoned the alliance as well as clanning.



The majority of the Loyalists were from the United Kingdom and Ireland, however a few were from the United States.


The Loyalist Union primarily spoke English. There are no records of any members that spoke any other languages.


President Godman2k7 sought to avoid having the Union be reliant on too much democracy. He pushed for a council that would be composed of a non-elected group of leaders and one democratically elected seat. He also pushed for a representative system where each clan would have one representative in the government. Each clan in the Loyalist Union was sovereign and it is not known what sort of rules they were expected to follow.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Loyalist Union did not seem to develop much in the way of foreign affairs and a military except for in its relations with the New Union. The Loyalists treated the New Union with great hostility, but there did not seem to be any sort of serious movement to destroy the New Union, and the Loyalist Union did not seem to develop a centralized military. The states handled this instead.

Culture and Style

The uncompleted Loyalist City. Many of its features were used as inspiration for parts of the Las Calles reconstruction after refoundation.

Godman2k7's core structure of the Loyalist Union kept a red and white color scheme as he worked on the capital city for the alliance. This city was never finished, however the Loyalist City was later used as inspiration for the refounded LittleBigPlanet Union capital of Las Calles.


It is not known how the Loyalist Union communicated and organized projects, if at all.