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The LittleBigPlanet Union is a community with the goal of uniting players and fans of LittleBigPlanet. It focuses on the principles of collaboration, respect, and safety. It currently hosts a website with the newest major LittleBigPlanet forum. The group also maintains a blog with news about the video game series.

The Union was originally founded to unite various LittleBigPlanet Clans together under the principles of peace, cooperation, and democracy. However, its goal has since expanded after the 2021 LittleBigPlanet server outage.

The Old Union

The Old Union was founded initially on the principle of opposing Heart for Heart and other supposedly harmful practices. It was believed at the time that spam and copiers were harmful for the health of the community and needed to be stopped.

However, the Union consistently was occupied with a series of tense conflicts both internally and externally. DELBOY102's rebellion, BarneyTremwoc's H4H Army, the First Union Civil War, the RSR-LBP Union War, and more took place during this time. These conflicts took up the majority of the Union's time and energy between 2009 and 2011.

The Union later became important as a platform that different clans could use to discuss affairs between one another and collaborate on projects. The shaky foundations of the Old Union led to its demise, especially due to the rift between Agents leader M88youngling and H4H Bounty Hunter leader Leejk30. The Agents and the H4H Bounty Hunters were the backbone of the old Union and most of its events revolved around these two groups.


The LittleBigPlanet Union has its origins with a brief feud between the Anti-H4H Bounty Hunters and the Agents in 2009. The Agents, a small clan led by M88youngling, protested against the supposedly antagonistic methods of the Bounty Hunters. However, once BH leaders Leejk30 and Godman2k7 explained that they did not endorse bullying of those who engaged in Heart for Heart, the conflict came to an end on August 21st.[1]

Nearly a week later, H4H Bounty Hunters second in command Godman2k7 announced plans to establish an alliance of clans called the LittleBigPlanet Union. In comments on the H4H Bounty Hunters' recruitment level he wrote, "gamers and clubs who want to unite against spam, H4H, and copying...It also helps good creators. That way there will simply be the LittleBigPlanet Union vs H4H..." The Agents quickly agreed to be involved with the project as they had recently aligned with the Hunters.[1]

First Union Clans and DELBOY102s Rebellion

The LBP Union's first logo from 2008 to 2011, made by Godman2k7

As construction of the Union's headquarters began, several other clans joined Godman's cause, such as the Cheating Resistance Organization, the Hawks, AHG, and others.[2]

The first internal conflict that the Union faced was DELBOY102's Rebellion, which was a brief misunderstanding involving a disgruntled H4H Bounty Hunter member. On September 19th, DELBOY102 posted a number of photos on the H4H Bounty Hunters' recruitment center in a spam attack. Upset with the clan's tactics in dealing with H4H, he demanded that the Hunters stop bullying H4Hers. Leejk30 took a leave of absence as leader of the Bounty Hunters, leaving Union President Godman2k7 in charge of the group in the meantime.[1]

A symbol made by DELBOY102 for his rebellion.

On September 27th, the Cheating Resistance Organization sought an alliance with the Bounty Hunters and became a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union. The next day, the CRO's leader, Kazmord, alerted Godman2k7 to the possibility that DELBOY102 might be preparing to publish a hitlist. However, this never occurred. [1]

Embargoethan, hailing from Little Big Army, also requested for an alliance between LBA and the H4H Bounty Hunters on September 27th, which possibly led to the clan becoming a member state of the LittleBigPlanet Union.[1] However, if LBA was a member state, they were not closely involved.[3]

K00n3ss's H4H Club and DELBOY102's League of Sack Heroes

Around this time, the H4H Bounty Hunters begin a conflict with K00n3ss, the leader of an H4H club. This became a point of argument for DELBOY102 who believed that K00n3ss should be left alone. However, the H4H Bounty Hunters refused to deviate from their strategy. In response, DELBOY102 promised that he would later defeat another Anti-H4H group led by Heckboy88 once Leejk30's clan was destroyed. DELBOY also announced that his rebellion would be named the League of Sack Heroes on October 3rd.[1]

On October 4th, Kazmord advised M88youngling to conduct espionage against the League to determine a solution to the conflict. M88youngling went undercover, feigning a falling out with Leejk30 and Godman2k7. He joined DELBOY102 in spam attacks against the H4H Bounty Hunters. On October 6th, M88youngling revealed himself as a spy. He gave Union leaders access to the League's headquarters, and unveiled that DELBOY was planning to join forces with K00n3ss to defeat the Bounty Hunters.[1]

Finally, Agents member Scorpitom335 convinced DELBOY102 to concede on October 9th. DELBOY accepted the negotiation offer, joining the Agents. By this point, K00n3ss was assumed to have been inactive. In December, it was revealed that K00n3ss had lost his LittleBigPlanet disk.[1]

LittleBigWorkshop Thread and Heckboy88

Sometime in October, in a forum thread about the LBP Union on LittleBigWorkshop, an argument broke out between H4H Bounty Hunter leaders and Heckboy88. This was about a longstanding dispute between Leejk30 and Heckboy88 about how their Anti-H4H clans had the same name, with Heckboy88 claiming that his clan came first. He demanded that Leejk30's clan change its name. President Godman2k7 offered a truce to Heckboy88 in the forum thread, but Heckboy refused and later denied that he was ever offered any kind of truce. [1]

Attention from other Union leaders came after H4H Bounty Hunter and Agents member BarneyTremwoc voiced concern about the conflict on October 17th. The Agents and the Cheating Resistance Organization both voiced agreement, lobbying for the end of the feud between the Leejk30 and Heckboy88. BarneyTremwoc went on to criticize the Anti-H4H movement for its tendency to only instigate H4Hers rather than solve the problem of copying and spam.[1]

Leejk30 deleted several comments by BarneyTremwoc on October 20th. BarneyTremwoc responded to this by accusing Leejk30 of supporting the H4H war for his own political benefit. Leejk denied this charge, and Union President Godman2k7 warned the Agents to not escalate the issue. [1]

Dispute Between the Agents and the Anti-H4H Bounty Hunters

By this point it was clear that the LBP Union's strategy and stance against H4H chiefly depended on the stance of the H4H Bounty Hunters. Since the president and vice president of the Union were both leaders of the group, the BH had an enormous amount of influence. [1]

On October 22nd, Scorpitom335, a notable member from the Agents asserted that Anti-H4H needs to be kept in check. DELBOY102 later that day echoed BarneyTremwoc by accusing Leejk30 of only caring about his popularity. He cited that that the H4H Bounty Hunters' ranking system of trophies was flawed, as the Platinum trophy could only be obtained by the leader of the clan, Leejk30 himself. BarneyTremwoc agreed with this point.[1] With three Agents members openly criticizing Leejk30's behavior, the divide between the Agents and the H4H Bounty Hunters in the Union widened considerably.

Later that day, Embargoethan from Little Big Army returned to agree with the Agents alongside Doopz479.[1]

In an effort to deescalate the dispute, BarneyTremwoc on October 26th invited H4H Bounty Hunter members to a Halloween disco event. However, Leejk30 returned on October 28th to deny the accusations. Scorpitom335 pushed back in the argument, but BarneyTremwoc the following day apologized for his behavior and implied that he had left the H4H Bounty Hunters to only serve as a member of the Agents.[1]

Reevaluation of the LBP Union's Anti-H4H Strategy

On October 30th, Leejk30 declared that he would be retiring, leaving Godman2k7 as the new leader of the Anti-H4H Bounty Hunters. However, on November 4th, Leejk30 asserted that he believed that they had already won the 'war' against H4H but the Union had been too busy bickering to notice. The following day, he and Godman2k7 announced that they continue to lead the H4H Bounty Hunters, but both as leaders with the same amount of authority.[1]

Godman2k7 also announced a major policy change in the H4H Bounty Hunters. Their goal from here on out would be to contain H4H and not to eliminate it completely. This adjusted the Union's stance on H4H as as whole.[1]

BarneyTremwoc's H4H Army

On November 13th, 2009, BarneyTremwoc revealed to the Union that he felt that the only way to end the bickering between the Agents and the H4H Bounty Hunters was to create a new enemy that they needed to unite against. Although he had revealed his true intentions already, they went relatively unnoticed as he later released a level on November 24th announcing that he was building an 'H4H army' to defeat the H4H Bounty Hunters and the rest of the LBP Union.[1]

Agents leaders M88youngling and DELBOY102, as well as CRO leader Kazmord condemned the effort. An alternate account of BarneyTremwoc, Stryker-Justice, advocated for unity against BarneyTremwoc's efforts. Despite this, M88youngling advised the Union to not engage with BarneyTremwoc in order to prevent him from achieving the 'chaos' that he desired. [1]

However, later, on December 13th, M88youngling spoke about how BarneyTremwoc's efforts were 'a bad thing for a good reason', implying that he had begun to shift in his position.[1]

The H4H Registration Program

On December 14th, RHYL_VOLTAGE unveiled a proposed Union project and level called the H4H Registration Program. The goal of this project was to register H4H users which would allow them to continue their activities. However, it would require them to follow certain rules to help keep them from being destructive to the community. For example, registered H4Hers would only be able to heart other H4Hers and were not allowed to spam other users with comment requests.[1] The results of the effort are unknown.

The Owned3008 Fiasco

Sometime in early December, the H4H Bounty Hunters independently began an espionage effort utilizing an alternate account under the control of Google123456789, known as Owned3008. The BH spy attempted to befriend the notable H4Her Vastet. On December 14th, the same day that RHYL_VOLTAGE unveiled the H4H Registration Program, RHYL raised questions about the Owned3008 account and accused Leejk30 of being the owner.[1]

President Godman2k7 responded harshly to the accusation, claiming that the H4H Bounty Hunters had been supportive of the H4H Registration Program. This implies that the effort to spy on Vastet was detrimental to the Registration Program's success. Godman2k7 wagered that the Owned account may have been a troll, an H4Her, or an Agents member.[1]

Agents member Scorpitom335 voiced agreement with RHYL_VOLTAGE. Once Godman suggested that the Owned account might have been controlled by RHYL himself, Scorpitom335 defended him. He declared that Anti-H4Hers were bullies and that H4Hers were victims.[1]

On December 15th, Google123456789 confessed to being the owner of the Owned3008 account and that the ultimate goal of the project was to "get Vastet." Scorpitom335 responded with outrage, resulting in Leejk30 urging everyone to forget about the incident. President Godman2k7 admitted that he had wished that he and M88youngling had been informed of the operation at the least.[1]

Owned3008 Fiasco Ends

Scorpitom335 on December 17th demanded an apology from the H4H Bounty Hunters for the incident, deepening the rift between the Bounty Hunters and the Agents in the Union. Leejk responded by claiming that he had already apologized. Godman2k7 alleged that Scorpitom's demands were hypocritical, pointing out that undercover work was performed by the Agents on a regular basis.[1]

In response, Scorpitom335 suggests that the Union ought to be more open with the plans of its member states rather than keeping secrets from one another. By December 22nd, President Godman2k7 and Scorpitom335 had come to an agreement, leading to an end to the debate.[1]

First Union Civil War

No longer dealing with the Owned3008 fiasco, Scorpitom335, Leejk30, and Godman2k7 became more hostile with BarneyTremwoc and his H4H Army group on December 31st, 2009. The Cheating Resistance Organization and Agents leaders, however, went to BarneyTremwoc's aid. This resulted in a severe and hostile division within the Union.[1]

On January 1st, 2010, the first observed anniversary of the H4H Bounty Hunters, Leejk30 accused M88youngling of starting a war over the Agents' defense of BarneyTremwoc. In response to the bickering that had broken out, BarneyTremwoc accused the H4H Bounty Hunters of planning to attack him. He threatened to reveal this to Heckboy88, citing Godman2k7's brother Fredfredburger as a witness.[1]

On January 2nd, M88youngling asked BarneyTremwoc to stop escalating the conflict which eased the tension of the internal Union conflict. Heckboy88 did make an appearance, pleading with everyone to leave him alone briefly.[1]

Sometime during this period, a Union War Meeting was held to discuss how to deal with BarneyTremwoc, the Agents, and the CRO. Scorpitom335, still a member of the Agents, proposed a "swift campaign to wipe out the Agents." Scorpitom335 later commented on the H4H Bounty Hunters recruitment level, "By tomorrow morning I will have complete control of the Agents". President Godman2k7 revealed that Scorpitom335 was secretly attempting to instigate conflict between the H4H Bounty Hunters and the Agents in order to gain control of the Agents.[4]

After this turning point, Godman2k7 refused to aid Scorpitom in his attempt to oust M88youngling as leader of the Agents. The Union president warned M88youngling of Scorpitom's efforts, but M88youngling refused to believe him. Although the conflict soon came to an end because of this revelation, M88youngling's refusal to believe that Scorpitom had turned against him left a rift between the Agents and the H4H Bounty Hunters.[1]

Heckboy88 Copyright Claim

On January 11th, 2010, Leejk30 expressed fears that Heckboy88 aimed to grief report the H4H Bounty Hunters over their name which they shared with Heckboy88's clan. Stryker-Justice, BarneyTremwoc's alternate account, encouraged the Union to unite to stand against Heckboy88. This is successful in rallying the Bounty Hunters, but it fails to encourage the Agents to join the effort. Ultimately, the H4H Bounty Hunters did not change the name of their organization.[1]

The Red Skull Republic / Union War

The Red Skull Republic was soon brought to the Union's attention in the late Winter of 2009. The idea that RSR may have been a malicious organization that harassed and bullied others was a concern to the Union, and Godman2k7 agreed to back the Agents in an espionage effort to find out more about the RSR from the inside. [2][3]

The Agents soon were fooled by false information provided by the Elite Force, which were being attacked by the RSR. The Elite Force lied and said that the RSR had started the fighting unprovoked, but it in reality was a member of Elite Force that had started the fighting. The Union would not find this out until later, however, and it began to prepare for a conflict. [2][3]

The RSR was onto the Union's movements, and after several attacks on Union levels, fighting broke out between the two superpowers known as the Red Skull Republic / LBP Union War. The war eventually ended with a truce, and the Red Skull Republic and the Union became good friends, but the RSR refused to join the Union as a member state.[2][3]

Anti-H4H Bounty Hunters and Scorpitom335

On February 21st, Leejk30 announced that he was postponing his retirement due to the actions of Scorpitom335 from the first Union civil war. The next day, BH Assassins Commander Josh25399 announced that he would be rallying the Union to attack Scorpitom's new level, charging Soldier Division Commander MRLane1 with the campaign.[1] The results of this affair are unknown.

Fall 2010

In September, 2010, the Balance became a member state of the LBP Union. When their conflict with the Unseen Forces began, it was interpreted as being an attack against the Union. However, the LBP Union took little role in the conflict.[5] It's possible that Akatsuki became a member state in name only during this time.[6]

After news was heard from the Balance that RSR was planning to declare war on Akatsuki, LBP Union Diplomat, M88youngling questioned RSR leader Hitman__101 about the subject. Hitman__101 denied that RSR was planning an attack. This led to RSR, Akatsuki, and the Balance attacking Unseen Forces due to the UF's false claims about the RSR. This began the Three vs One War. The LBP Union was not involved in conflict.[5]

Despite being a Union member state, the Balance's conflicts with other clans went relatively unnoticed by other Union clans like the Agents and the H4H Bounty Hunters. However, another Union clan, the LittleBIGHeroes, condemned the Balance's actions and threatened action if they did not stop.

Joe_Da_Dude, AREA, and the CRO

At some point between late 2010 and early 2011, Kazmord resigned as leader of the Cheating Resistance Organization, granting leadership to another individual. This individual later gave control of the clan to M88youngling, who renamed the group to the Commando Recon Operations.[3][citation needed]

Sometime in 2011, a troll known as Joe_Da_Dude published a level imitating the LBP Union in an attempt to instigate a reaction from the Union. This resulted in condemnation from the Union as a whole, but especially from the Balance.[5]

Joe_Da_Dude escalated the conflict by appealing to the Anti-Red Eagle Army uprising led by AMKA-IRONHIDE. The threat of AREA led the CRO to challenge AREA to an Online Create Battle, to which AREA accepted.[5] The CRO was supposedly successful in their fight with AREA and stole the arsenal utilized by the group.[3] The ultimate result of this conflict is unknown.

A logo made by Godman2k7 in the later days of the old Union.

The Union Schism

In early 2011, President Godman2k7 resigned from office and left MRLane1 as a provisional President. Godman2k7 instructed the other Protectors to decide who to make President and what to do with the Union. Shadow-Man100 from the Bounty Hunters argued that there should not be a President, while M88youngling from the Agents argued that there needed to be a President to maintain stability. Without Godman2k7 to quell their fighting, the arguing soon spiraled out of control and split the Union in half, creating the New Union led by elected President M88youngling and the Loyalist Union, led by Godman2k7 who was incredibly disappointed over the situation. The New Union and the Loyalist Union clashed for a few months or so before they both collapsed.[3]

The Refounded Union

At the beginning of the Restoration Era, the LBP Union was restored by a number of different clans. This period has a notable number of conflicts that the alliance was part of. However, the LBP Union during this period was also much more focused on its internal structure and use to the community than the Old Union was. This resulted in more Union levels and clans dedicated to peaceful and creative purposes.

Although the Refounded Union failed to fully realize many of its ambitions of creative education, it managed to prevent internal conflict much more effectively than its predecessor. This allowed for its members to coexist and communicate with less internal division.

Unlike the Old Union, its affairs were not driven by any one clan in particular, leading to a more diverse number of influential groups over the course of its existence.


The Union remained disbanded for three years or so, and the Shadow Epoch raged on during this time. As the fighting died down due to the many clans involved in this era collapsed, M88youngling saw opportunity to rebuild and correct his mistakes during the schism. With some encouragement from friends and others, he reached out to some other clans and wrote a new constitution for the Union, resulting in the Union's refoundation on December 14th, 2013.[7]

President M88youngling and his cabinet worked together to rebuild the infrastructure of the Union and to make it better than the original Union. They also worked to eliminate the weaknesses of the old Union to prevent an event like the schism from occurring again. M88youngling's administration established the Union Census, which would play a major role in the organization of the Union for years to come.

Soldier Wolves & Brotherhood of Steel Fiasco

Its first issues stemmed from the unstable relationship between the Soldier Wolves and the Brotherhood of Steel, which resulted in the Soldier Wolves being threatened with Union Peacekeeper action after an argument between SW leader Soldier-Boy_714 and the BoS leader ProtectmyBanana, who also happened to be the Union Vice President at the time. Soldier-Boy_714 admitted to the acts but remained bitter and hostile for some time after. The LBP Union would decide how to handle the situation sometime later.[8]

Early Foreign Affairs

Following Refoundation, President M88youngling sought out other clans who would be willing to join the Union. This recruitment eventually resulted in tensions growing between the LBP Union and another clan alliance called the Remnants Union due to a dispute over the allegiance of the Autobots. The secession of the Autobots from the Remnants Union to join the LBP Union further increased these tensions.[9]

Around a similar time to the Autobots Fiasco, the LBP Union was made aware of the United Clans Federation and their bickering with the Axis Alliance. The LBP Union attempted to resolve this problem to little avail, however the Axis appeared to have disappeared soon after the fighting. The United Clans Federation saw a shift in leadership to ProtectmyBanana, which suggested the possibility of uniting it with the Union, as Banana was the LBP Union vice president. However, Banana had ambitions of rivaling the Union.[10]

Axis Alliance and LBP Union diplomatic talks occurred as well, which resulted in neutrality between the two groups. The Axis' leader PolarisPhaedra expressed desire to absorb the Union into the Axis, which unsettled the Union administration. However, at this time, the Axis did not act aggressively toward the Union.[11]

LBP Union interest in the Jedi Order soon rose. The Jedi Order was an old clan that President XFinal_IsaacX claimed to be part of the Remnants Union. However, the leader of the Jedi Order, Grandmaster Rebeller93, had been missing for nearly a year. A member of his, RenegadeRhythm, had influence in the clan and believed that the LBP Union had better intentions than the Remnants Union and started participating in Union meetings.[12]

February Summit Incident

On February 15th, 2014, a summit was held in the LBP Union to discuss how to handle the incident between Soldier-Boy_714 and ProtectmyBanana. After some discussion, Lgmpm, Ferbfan01, RenegadeRhythm and M88youngling decided it was best to allow Soldier-Boy_714 to defend himself in the Union Supreme Court for his trial, however Soldier-Boy remained incredibly bitter and left the Union on his own whim, bringing the Soldier Wolves with him. Treynota Wolfpack and the Brotherhood of Steel also left shortly thereafter, citing the instability of the incident. Treynota Wolfpack left to join the Axis Alliance, while the Brotherhood of Steel left to pursue its interests with the United Clans Federation. However, the BoS cited 'anarchist beliefs,' despite the federalist nature of the UCF. All in all, the startling secession of the three clans showed that the Union had lost over 80 members, but over a 100 remained.[12]

On February 15th, 2014, the LBP Union held a meeting to discuss action over the Soldier-Boy_714 and ProtectmyBanana conflict. This ended with Soldier-Boy spitefully leaving the Union with his clan, the Soldier Wolves. ProtectmyBanana also left with the Brotherhood of Steel, citing 'anarchism'. Treynota also left the Union in favor of the Axis Alliance. This was a major blow to the Union's population, but over a hundred members remained.

An LBP Union poster made by Lgmpm.

An LBP Union poster made by Lgmpm.

Remnants Union War

Tensions from the Autobots Fiasco only continued to escalate. The LBP Union and the Remnants Union each sought out new organizations to bolster their alliances to achieve their goals. This caused competition between the two, which the Remnants Union became increasingly more aggressive over. After accusing the Union of being responsible for a pseudo-organization called the Sa'Reth Rebellion, the Remnants Union began to use flaming against President M88youngling's profile comments, which M88youngling and many Union leaders retaliated against in events called the Remnants Union-LBP Union War.[13]

After realizing that arguing with the Remnants Union was ineffective, the Union Task Force employed reporting strikes against RU content that violated LittleBigPlanet's End User License Agreement. This caused the deletion of two RU supported levels. After blocking RU members, the conflict simmered down. However, two LBP Union member states, Lone Wolf Tiger Empire and Taurian Concordat seceded from the Union during the conflict to join forces with the Remnants Union. RU also managed to disrupt several LBP Union community text chats and the May 2014 summit meeting.[14]

Anti-LBPU Axis propaganda, depicting the hanging of President M88youngling

Axis Conflict

Toward the end of the Remnants Union war, the Axis Alliance's leader PolarisPhaedra began to act against the LBP Union. Initially he opposed the LBP Union alongside the Remnants Union and the United Clans Federation, but their aggression was immediately met with peace talks from the LBPU. Polaris then claimed that he was desperate to gain the Union's aid in fighting against the Red Skull Republic, and that he would declare war on the Union if they refused to help.[15]

Later however, the Axis declared war and Polar personally challenged M88youngling to a create war duel. Citing opposition to create war, M88youngling refused. The Axis soon collapsed within a month after a power struggle and multiple administration changes stemming from a failed election.[16]

The Judgment Conflict

After the conflict with the Axis Alliance, former leaders and members of the Shadow Epoch-era clan Fallen Republic came together to form a spiritual successor to the group called Judgment. Later known as the Visarian Mandate, Judgment caused a great deal of concern among clan leaders in the community. This convinced the Silentium Contra, what was left of the Axis Alliance, and the Remnants Union to align as a secret coalition against Judgment. The LBP Union reluctantly joined the coalition after it was formed, leading to the Judgment-LBP Union Conflict.

Known to the LBP Union as Operation Lunar Storm, the Union Task Force began a campaign that lasted until March, 2015 to contain Judgment's expansion. This consisted of a number of grief reporting raids and careful surveillance of Judgment's actions.

LBP Union Refoundation Day

On December 14th, 2014, the LBP Union celebrated Union Refoundation Day, its first year anniversary since reformation through the publishing of three levels by President M88youngling. The levels were a success, bringing together speeches from Union leaders and a parade celebrating the Union's mission of peace and collaboration. Some of the levels managed to make it to the lucky dip pages, where members of the community were more likely to see them for several days.

Novus Carta

Failures observed in the original reformed Union constitution led to the passage of the Novus Carta on April 20th, 2015. The Novus Carta rid the Union of a direct democracy in favor of a representative one, as well as patched many holes in the original constitution regarding membership and definitions for various government programs such as the Independent States Allied Forces and more. Around this time, the Union saw the rise of the Master Creators Society led by Glass-_-Crane.[17][18]

The Visarian Mandate

After a period of dormancy, Judgment's members reformed the clan into the Visarian Mandate and set their sights on opposing the LBP Union. This sparked the beginning of the Visarian - LBP Union Conflict. The Mandate first influenced Union affairs through the Großdeutsches Reich Secession. The Großdeutsches Reich, a Union member state, seceded from the Union after the impersonation of VitoCorleone003, the representative of the New California Republic. The impersonated Vito falsely claimed to be a spy on the Reich, which was cited as the reason for their secession and then alignment with the Visarian Mandate.

The Visarian Mandate was dedicated to opposing the Union during this time by raiding its summit meetings, openly opposing furries and taking advantage of the improper tactics of the Soldier Wolves to gain attention. In response to this, as well as the Reich fiasco, the LBP Union Security Council passed a police action called the Visarian Containment Resolution, allowing action from the Independent States Allied Forces and the Union Task Force to be taken against the Mandate directly. The Visarian Mandate and the Großdeutsches Reich eventually fell into inactivity after several months.

The Dark Akatsuki

Around August 8th, 2015, the Union took note of a conflict between the two clans of the Dark Akatsuki and Dogs Clan. The Union and its foreign ministry attempted to resolve the situation by setting up peace talks but this had little avail.[19] The Dark Akatsuki's leader, Bzrew45, refused to be part of the Union and insisted on furthering the conflict with Dogs Clan. Dogs Clan agreed to step down its aggression as well, but soon it elevated its actions to trolling, which eventually led to Dogs Clan being discredited by the Union as a troll organization.[20]

A faction of the Dark Akatsuki led by Bzrew45's second in command, Harrysboo427, seceded and joined the Union to reform the Dark Akatsuki while Bzrew45 rebuilt the original TDA into the Senkei Dark Akatuski.[21]

Protectors' Resignation

On July 16th, 2016, President M88youngling and the other protectors resigned from their positions at the monthly summit. M88youngling agreed to help author an amendment that would establish presidential elections for the Union as well as eliminate the ailing Parliament established by the Novus Carta. The amendment was ratified and the Union Commission was established, essentially a council of Union clan leaders and their co-leaders.[22] This began a process called the Union Interregnum.

Taurian Concordat Fiasco

The Dark Akatsuki, the Pride of the Fallen, and a representative from Organization XIII were each opposed to the policies of fellow Union member state Taurian Concordat. This was exemplified by the group's recent reckless espionage against Bzrew45 and the League of Excellence. Those opposed to Taurian Concordat argued that TC's espionage was endangering others in the Union and was generally unethical. Led by Primevaliam, those from the groups opposed to Taurian Concordat led what M88youngling called a 'lynch mob' against the TC leaders on Kik messenger, harassing them into leaving the Union. He also denounced the behavior as bullying and harassment, withholding his presidential nomination for Primevaliam until he apologized and made up for his behavior.[22]

Primevaliam and Visarian Relations

Shortly after this Taurian Concordat Fiasco and M88youngling's resignation, Primevaliam and other Union leaders were approached by Huntsman007 with the goal of negotiating a formal peace treaty and amending any animosity between the Visarian Mandate and the Union, believing hostilities came from the lack of communication and misinterpretation. After M88youngling was informed of this he urged Prime to immediately cease any communications with these individuals of concern for Prime's safety. M88youngling believed that the Visarians were using this as a way to secure administrative power in the Union and use it as a basis for trolling. Prime refused to acknowledge the warning, defending the Mandate's alleged peace offer. M88youngling immediately banned anyone suspected with being in contact with any of Visaria's members from the Union discord server. He then locked the Union website, hid the Novus Carta from public view, and locked any Union levels on LittleBigPlanet 2 and 3. This was allegedly done to prevent the Visarians from being able to continue the Union and utilize it for ill intent.[22]

2017 Reformation

LBPU Flag 2017

Following the freezing of Union assets, the LBP Union became defunct, as was M88youngling's goal. The Union remained non-functional for about a year before talks began of reforming the Union by Taurian Concordat. Taurian Concordat sought out M88youngling to attempt to convince him to reform the Union once more, but M88youngling declined the offer, citing work and school. M88youngling eventually agreed, however, to help provide logistical support for a reformed Union. They gathered together various clans in a new Discord server on September 4th, 2017, and began the process of modifying the Novus Carta to create a new constitution. They chose to combine the Novus Carta with parts of the Commissioner Accord to keep the former parliament and also keep the elections of the latter days of the Union.[3][23]

The modified Novus Carta was ratified on September 12th, 2017, by Taurian Concordat, Fallen Republic, Tyto Alba, Valkyrie, and the Jedi Order.[citation needed]

On October 14th, 2017, a summit was held where Huntsman007, Nickalis02 and ShinigamiPhantom each were nominated for a Presidential election. The nominating period lasted two weeks. Huntsman and Nick campaigned for themselves, but Phantom was missing for the entire election. After the nominations process concluded on October 28th, voting began via Strawpoll. The voting resulted in three votes for Huntsman007, and 0 votes for both Nickalis and Phantom. There was one absentee voter. Only representatives could vote as per the Novus Carta. As such, Huntsman007 became the president of the LBP Union on November 4th, 2017 at 11:59PM UTC.[24] Nickalis02 was appointed as the Vice President, Dethklokrulez12 as Minister of Defense, and M88youngling as Minister of Intelligence. However, five days after the election, Nickalis02 was voted out of the Discord server and out of office for involvement in a troll spam raid on the server.

Plans began for Union Refoundation Day, and many levels were made by multiple players, however various issues including several profile corruptions forced the major Union Refoundation Day event to fall short.

Government Shutdown

On April 4th, 2018, the Protectors shut down the Union central government with the intention of allowing the Union to continue in spirit. The LBPU and a 'Dreams Union' would live on in other clans with the positive values of the Union. Most significantly, the Dreams Union idea is intended as an oath or pledge to avoid the perceived toxic state of clanning that existed on LBP to make Dreams a more positive environment for organized gaming.[25]

2021 Reformation

In March of 2021, the Union was reformed once again, this time with the focus of reporting news about the 2021 LBP server outages. Its Discord server grew substantially over the course of the year. The Union is now working on developing custom servers for LittleBigPlanet called Project Lighthouse.



Old Union

The population of the old Union was never recorded and thus it is not entirely possible to know for certain how many people were in the Union at any given time. This especially becomes difficult due to the nature of how the H4H Bounty Hunters identified members.

LBPU Population trend in 2014 (LBP Union Census)

Refounded Union

LBPU Population trend in 2015 (LBP Union Census)

LBPU Population trend in 2016 (LBP Union Census)

The population of the Union after refoundation fluctuated quite often, going as high as around 260 members or as low as even 30 members. Generally the Union has seen an average of around 100 to 120 members from all clans combined. The LBP Union's population during this time was kept track of with the LBP Union Census.

2017 Reformation

The population of the Union after the 2017 reformation has remained quite small. As of November 4th, 2017, the Union has 64 members according to the census.[18]


Old Union

The old LBP Union mainly saw English speakers and a select few English/Portuguese speaking players.

Refounded Union

The LBP Union has seen a majority of English speakers, and the second most common language in the Union is Spanish. Some French speakers have been involved, as well as some Finnish and Filipino.


Old Union

Legacy photo of President Godman2k7

It is not known if the original rendition of the Union had a constitution or not. The LBP Union in the beginning was mainly run by the Protectors, which were major leaders in the alliance. Most of these Protector positions had special titles, such as the President, the Vice President, and the Diplomat. Protectors were not given very much power aside from the massive influence they gained from being part of the core leadership of the Union, which gave them the power to discuss and advise others of a course of action that the Union could then take together. The President of the Union was not elected and had little official power.

Refounded Union

From left to right, Minister of Defense JediJosho, Vice President Lgmpm, President M88youngling, and Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer

The LBP Union after refoundation used the original Constitution to operate, which allowed for legislation to be proposed by representatives from each clan, and then those proposals could be voted directly by the members of the Union. The Protectors had much more specialized roles. These were the President, the Vice President, the Minister of Domestic Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Security and the Minister of Intelligence. Rarely were all of these positions filled at any one time.

The President was not elected and had little official power, but the Protectors as a whole were a powerful group that could vote to remove member states and mobilize the Union Task Force.

The legislature divided up proposals into two categories, the General Assembly and Security Council, which had their own subcategories. Representatives could participate in both, as these two were not official houses.

Direct democracy failed miserably for the Union, and after the painstaking efforts of passing General Assembly Resolution [R.001], the Novus Carta soon came along to fix the problem. The Novus Carta was a new constitution for the Union that replaced the direct democracy with a representative one. It established a name for the representatives as a whole, referring to them as the Union Parliament. The parliament would not pass very many resolutions, but it was much more productive for the Union in the long run.

Amendment 1 - The Commissioner Accord

On July 25th, 2016, the Union passed its first amendment to the Novus Carta titled the Commissioner Accord, written by M88youngling to help establish a system for Presidential elections and replace the Parliament with a council of clan leaders and their co-leaders. This new council is known as the Union Commission. The Commision is able to essentially perform all the actions the Protectors can, but only as a group. They can also propose and vote on legislation, and serve as the electors of the President.

Foreign Relations and Military

Old Union

The old Union viewed other clans that did not want to join the Union with some suspicion, and often did not speak with them much. It invited most clans to join the Union, (which most of them did) and left it at that. There are a few exceptions, as the Red Skull Republic and possibly the Akatsuki were allies with the old Union. The Union's defensive ability rested mostly in the hands of the H4H Bounty Hunters, but the Union maintained the Union Task Force for joint defense purposes.

Refounded Union

The refounded Union, similar to the old Union, was very cautious of clans outside of the Union that did not want to join the alliance. These groups were thought to not want to follow the basic rules of the Union, which were constructed with the intent of preserving LBP and protecting its players. If they didn't want to follow these rules, they may mean ill will to the community and should not be supported. The LBP Union also wished to maintain a status as a global peacekeeping entity like the United Nations, and was firmly against any sort of foreign relations where the LBP Union was a party like any other nation instead of a broad authority where clans come to discuss their affairs between one another. This was shown during the prelude to the Axis conflict, and it also has degraded the relationship between the Red Skull Republic and the LBP Union. Although the Red Skull Republic seeks a friendly relationship with the Union, the LBP Union does not recognize the RSR or engage in many friendly actions with the group because the RSR refuses to join the LBP Union as a member state, leading many in the Union to worry about the RSR's true intentions. The LBP Union also tended to not recognize states that do not wish to join the Union, as they often are very small and giving them the recognition they desire might lead to them gaining more influence and more members, allowing them to become a problem for the community.

The Union Task Force was reformed by the Union after refoundation and served great purpose in various conflicts. Later, after the ratification of the Novus Carta, the Union established a joint defense coalition of clans in the alliance, which was known as the Independent States Allied Forces.

Culture and Style


Old Union

The style of the old Union was very simplistic and chiefly designed by Godman2k7 as seen in the original Union headquarters. Beige wood and white concrete were the main design elements of the Union before the schism

Refounded Union

The LBP Union uses a fairly bright style, focusing on clean wooden structures and minimalist elements. More recently, the Union has used a darker wooden style for its VIP areas and Executive areas, especially the

Interior of the McEoin Building

McEoin Building. The Union utilizes a predominately azure blue and white color scheme.

Much of the new schemes were designed by Huntsman007 and evolved over time as M88youngling and others learned how to utilize different creating methods and styles.


Old Union

Before the schism, Union members often created levels built around stories about Union clans. One of the most popular of these were the Agents Missions, which often dramatized actual events or were centered around hypothetical scenarios. Another popular series was the H4H Bounty Hunters' Crescendo Event series, which was never completed. Another popular series was the UTF Ops by Godman2k7. These were several unfinished projects centered around the Union Task Force. Several episodes were conceptualized and pieces created, but none were ever completed. These also featured the clans of the Union. Danke was also introduced during this time, and found its way into many cameos.

There were two Union related videos uploaded to Youtube by Godman2k7. These were the LBP Pißwasser Commercial (explicit) made for the H4H Bounty Hunters and Hitler Gets Trolled on LBP (explicit) which referenced major issues in the H4H conflict.

Refounded Union

After refoundation, the Union had much fewer levels revolving around current events like that of the old Union's Agents Missions. There was a conceptualized UTF Ops reboot by M88youngling built as a movie, but the project was never completed. Danke was reintroduced and found itself in several cameos. For the Union's first anniversary, Union Refoundation Day was established as a celebration and garnered some attention to the alliance. The second Refoundation Day the following year was hosted by the New California Republic. Two swordfighting tournaments were hosted in the Union. One was hosted by the Order of Chaos in 2015 and the other was hosted by the New Lunar Republic in 2016. The latter of which was the first and only Union event to ever be video recorded and uploaded to Youtube.



The LBP Union had various facilities where it presented itself and handled its affairs. The old Union mainly had its headquarters building. This allowed for the general public to learn about the Union and gave the public an outlet to join one of the Union's clans. It was first opened on November 28th, 2013. The level was updated frequently to keep up with the times and the most recent update was noted in its title by date.[26] President Godman2k7 was also working on several cities to be published for the Union, one of which was called Las Calles and would be governed by M88youngling. This never came to fruition in the old Union.

Hall of the Union - LBPU LBP3 HQ

Just before refoundation, a new headquarters was built for the Union and it was used extensively for the same purpose as the old Union's headquarters. While there already was a Protectors' conference room in the building, another level was made to provide a more detailed conference room for the Protectors.[27] Later the Supreme Court was published, giving the Union and the public a space to host courtroom trials. It was first published on December 24th, 2014.[28] Sometime after this, construction on the Union's capital of Las Calles began for Union Refoundation Day. Somewhere around this time in 2015, a new Union headquarters was published for LBP3. On May 1st, 2016, the Union Task Force gained a new dedicated level for its headquarters.[29] On December 12th, 2015, the McEoin Parliament building was opened, depicting a space for the LBP Union Parliament to meet.[30]


In the days of the old Union, the LBPU communicated via PSN text chats and using the LBP Union HQ's comment section as a sort of forum. The old Union utilized 'community chats,' which were a series of long running PSN text chats that LBPU members could gather to discuss. These chats would occasionally be compromised by hostile parties and therefore new versions of the chat would need to be made.  

After refoundation, the community chats returned, and had similar issues to the old Union's chats as they were often compromised. To replace these, the Union set up a Kik group chat for mobile devices. This lasted a long while but isolated those without compatible devices. To resolve this, the Union made the switch to a Discord server in 2015.  

The Union Protectors typically communicated via Google Hangouts for several years before switching to Discord.  

The Union also set up monthly summit meetings to gather all the clans in the Union. After the ratification of the Novus Carta, these summits were used to gauge member state activity by attendance. Clans who did not have any members attend and did not leave an excuse were purged from the Union for inactivity. These summits were originally held in PSN text chats, but were eventually moved to a Union IRC channel. This channel also eventually suffered from the interruption of trolls, and went through several iterations of security updates. This was successful for some time, but eventually the Union adopted a discord server for their summits 2015.  

Press Conferences

The president giving a press conference.

Occasionally Union President M88youngling would release press conference levels to answer questions from the public and provide news on the state of the Union. M88youngling spoke at three main press conferences during his presidency. There was one press conference for Union Refoundation Day where MidnightLights10, TeamHeidi, Lgmpm, and CCSocalGamer spoke.


The LBP Union had a basic access structure denoted by a series of keycards. In the old Union, these keycards ran from levels one to three. The level one keycard was distributed at the entrance of the headquarters. It denoted the member status of initiate and granted basic access to the inside of the building. The next level up, level two access, denoted the status of a full Union member and was intended to be given out by the leaders of Union member states. It granted access to the members lounge, the UTF headquarters and other locations that required Union membership to access. The third access level was reserved for the Union Protectors. It granted access to the Protectors lounge.

The refounded Union recycled these access levels for about a year. After the ratification of the Novus Carta, the Union released a new keycard system with cards developed by TeamHeidi. The new system had levels ranging from level zero to level three. Level zero status had the same purpose as the old Union's level one access, granting basic access to the building and only redeemable by learning about the Union from the guard at the entrance. Level one access was for members of the Union, and level two access was for representatives. Level two access was only used to gain access to the McEoin Building's parliament floor. Level three access was for Union Protectors only as it was before.


Here is a list off all groups and clans that were in the LBPU before it initially fell in 2011 (Note: List is still missing a few groups):[2]


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