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Lightning Army was a Kardían Era clan that was a member of the first Axis Alliance. It is best known for its participation in the AREA Conflict.


Early History

Not much is known about Lightning Army's early history. It was founded before the establishment of the first Axis Alliance in October 2010 by xF3k4style_PRx.[1][2]

Prelude to AREA Conflict

In March 2011, Lightning Army spy Camtheman was discovered by Polarlab inside Armageddon Empire. General Fraggstaa of LA warned Polar to stay away from LA affairs upon being confronted by Polar. This fueled Polar's suspicions of Red Eagle Army and Lightning Army corruption within the Axis, though it is unclear how Polar made this connection.[2]

AREA Conflict

During the AREA conflict, Lightning Army moved to defend fellow Axis member state Red Eagle Army from Anti-Red Eagle Army alongside clans like Armageddon Empire and Green Skull Assassins. Lightning Army was defeated in July 2011 by AREA and its allies.



According to Polarlab's clan census, Lightning Army had between 20 to 35 members. However, only 19 members are listed.[3] One side-account, LA_Clan is known to belong to the leader, xF3k4style_PRx.


Lightning Army spoke English, though it is unknown if any other languages were spoken by any of its members.


The government of Lightning Army appears to have been some kind of military, but this is unconfirmed. It is known to have had a leader and a co-leader, xF3k4style_PRx and Fraggstaa respectively.

Foreign Relations and Military

Lightning Army was a member state of the first Axis Alliance in 2010-2011 and therefore allies with all of the Axis states.[2]

Culture and Style

LA Mech 2.jpg

Lightning Army had a futuristic style with a black and yellow color scheme. They constructed various mechs and levels for their organization and had themed uniforms.

LA Mech 1.jpg


Lightning Army had many different recruitment levels published by various members. It is unknown how the clan communicated with its members, if at all.


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