The LBP Union Wiki

The LBP Union Census was a LittleBigPlanet Union program intended to record public information about clans in the Union. It was critical to the Union's understanding of its own population statistics and having a comprehensive overview of the clans that were in the Union.


The Union Census was created on December 3rd, 2013 to organize all state information in an easily accessible way. This was notably before the ratification of the original Union constitution. After the passage of the constitution, the Union Census Bureau and Ministry of Domestic Affairs was given jurisdiction over the census, however President M88youngling was mainly the only one who kept track of the census and continued to update it.


The Union Census was a spreadsheet that included information about clans such as names, leaders, representatives, population and sometimes other information if necessary. The census also automatically totaled up population data to find a total population for the whole Union. Clans in the list were automatically organized top to bottom by descending population.

A full history of the Union Census' member state status (excluding observer state information) can be found here.