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The High Authority was a clan founded by Hardware34 in 2018. It was the figurehead of the Confederation, and was succeeded by PHOENIX.



The High Authority was preceeded by both the Dark Zephyr Republic and the Evurikal Legion. Previously, Hardware made an attempt at launching the High Authority, but failed after his creator profile corrupted, forcing him to erase his work. This version of the High Authority would have seen it with a Medieval/Arthurian theme, with a King in charge of the organization, with four Wardens as commanders.[1]

Project Heart

The High Authority was launched officially on March 21st, 2018. Dubbed "Project Heart" after the central symbol of its flag, Hardware34 set forth plans for recruitment, with plans to build a level that contains the group's "Official Authority Handbook".[1]

The High Authority's first level, "Valfodr Plaza", was posted on May 3rd, 2018. The level serves to be one part of a group of levels set aboard a fictional city called the "Eternal Bastion".[1]

The High Authority's official menu was posted on May 15th.

The group later engaged in some hostility with the fifth incarnation of the Axis Alliance, led by LBP-Savior-_-, questioning Axis' ideals and methods.

Operation Dark Eyes

After posting his level, Hardware posted a recruitment video, and officially launched the Confederation, the High Authority's coalition. Under the codename of "Operation Dark Eyes", Hardware began searching for other clans to join the newly founded Confederation.

Hardware later removed most of his levels, save for the recruitment video and menu, in order to replace them with a "superior" level that will implement the Norse theme. [1]

Operation Opus

The High Authority later set up their recruitment regime, a three-phase plan known as "Operation Opus". The plan sees the launch of a new level (phase one), recruitments (phase two) and launch of a public Discord server (phase three).

The High Authority's government was later shifted into a more Viking-styled one, with the clan being led by a King and three Jarls. This was done to prevent forced jobs on the executives, and remove ranking-based rivalries in members and infighting. The clan was also reorganised to solely adopt the Viking and Norse theme.

The High Authority was temporarily disabled in January 2019, stemming from Hardware34's constant disapproval of his own levels and impatience towards lack of activity in the clanning community.

On June 19, 2019, the High Authority was officially rebranded as PHOENIX.


The High Authority is operated by the King and his three Jarls, who govern the clan's structure and law, and instruct its members. A member of the clan is only recognised as a Jarl if their achievements, past or present, are worthy of promotion. [1]

  • King of the High Authority - Hardware34
  • First Jarl - Xx-Ribbium-xX
  • Second Jarl - Bzine
  • Third Jarl - [Vacant]

Foreign Relations

The High Authority had a strict foreign policy that bars them from making alliances outside of The Confederation. The High Authority followed the legislature of the Confederation. The High Authority had been known to exchange banter and information with outside groups, such as the LittleBigPlanet Union. [1]

The High Authority had a hostile relationship with the Axis Alliance and its member state, Ashina Clan. Their relationship with the former relied heavily upon LBP-Saviour-_-'s repeated false claims regarding the structure of the High Authority's coalition, the Confederation, which Ashina Clan was once part of. Ashina Clan claim that they in fact left the Confederation of their own accord, but evidence confirms that they were removed for defecting to Axis. Hardware launched a smear campaign on this incarnation of Axis.[1]

Yonko Initiative

During the Authority's set up and early days, Hardware planned to set up a system known as the "Yonko Initiative", a recognition system inspired by One Piece. The Initiative saw the High Authority recognize other groups as powerful or defensive enough to be a high risk if they came into conflict, with the clans in particular being Judgment, Remnants Union, LittleBigPlanet Union, either the Axis Alliance or Silentium Contra, and the High Authority itself.

Hardware drawed upon the idea after noticing similarities between the clans in particular and that of the pirate crews seen in One Piece:

Clan and Leader Pirate Crew and Captain
Axis Alliance/Silentium Contra
Red Hair Pirates
Remnants Union
Whitebeard Pirates
High Authority
Beasts Pirates
Blackbeard/Big Mom
Blackbeard Pirates/Big Mom Pirates
LittleBigPlanet Union
World Government

Culture and Style

The High Authority was based heavily upon Norse mythology and the Vikings, using symbols and design cues for levels and other works, as well as incorporate their styles into their overall format.[1]


The High Authority had a few levels to showcase itself, with more levels planned. The High Authority communicate via a server on Discord. [1]

There were plans to branch the High Authority onto Dreams after its release.[1]


  • The High Authority's heart symbol originates from the video game Kirby: Star Allies, used by the game's antagonists, the "Jambastion Religion".[2]
  • Hardware was heavily influenced by the Beasts Pirates from One Piece when reformatting the High Authority, replacing the group's animal theme with a viking theme. This is especially notable with the High Authority having a King and three Jarls in place of a Governor-General and three Lead Performers.
    • As a One Piece fan, Hardware has also noted a similarity between clans and pirate crews from the series.