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Foxarmy was a minor LittleBigPlanet clan led by DEUCE2CON, Yet it gained significant recognition on LBP Community. It is best known for its various conflicts with other small groups, Aswell having one of the most complex relations with other clans and people and having too much toxicity.[1]

Their clan de jure ended on 2016, Since Xander_Beck didn't accept this fact that it ended, He wanted to continue it for 2 years more.[1]

Xander_Beck would be the de facto leader from 2016 since he had high influence on Foxarmy and has most access to Foxarmy's core.[1]


Fox-Bird War

Foxarmy was founded on August 6th 2015, It's leader was DEUCE2CON. The group was supposedly founded during a dispute over a PlayStation 3 text chat. This resulted in the foundation of both Foxarmy, led by DEUCE2CON, and Birdarmy, led by an anonymous. [1]

Some users that aren't on Foxarmy, Birdarmy, non-aligned or even other clans. intervened in the war.

The conflict ended with a truce sometime before September 7th, 2015. Birdarmy was then disbanded by 3 anonymous.[1]

kenz247's Membership/Foxarmy Division

As Foxarmy grew, There was a new member named kenz247, He was known to be a Sonaze shipper and aswell some considering him gay, Because of him being gay, Some members assumed that he would be gay for DEUCE2CON and those members highly possible would be homophobic, DEUCE2CON and few others accepted him in Foxarmy, Meanwhile others especially Xander_Beck did not accept him in Foxarmy, This had caused temporary division of Foxarmy, and homophobic rise.[1]

The opposing side chose Xander_Beck to lead opposing Foxarmy. Since he had high influence, DEUCE2CON kicked Xander_Beck for "making it worse" on the past conflict with Birdarmy, It would be DEUCE2CON's mistake since Xander_Beck got outside support, The fact that DEUCE2CON made Foxarmy together with Xander_Beck. It later caused DEUCE2CON and and rest of the members joining the opposing side, Agreeing to opposing side's terms to de facto kick kenz247. Today most or all of it's former members call this a regret.[1]

NICR and Razor Clan's Intervention

Foxarmy was targeted by Razor Clan, A clan known for hacking and trolling, Foxarmy would later face another clan which is assumed to be outsider, called NICR. NICR and Razor Clan as Foxarmy's enemies was overwhelming for everyone in Foxarmy, As they were both capable of hacking, This caused huge damages to Foxarmy stability and balance, and also caused Foxarmy's Google+ Group to be hacked multiple times and having it's main level deleted by YellowBentine, later being republished.[1]

It is known that Razor Clan had made a parody video against Foxarmy, called "Foxarmy in a Nutshell", It compares Foxarmy to Nazi Germany, It can still be viewed inside LBP, and also can be viewed here in YouTube.[1]

DEUCE2CON took a break from LBP from this war on September 2nd 2016, Making Xander_Beck have the role of temporary leadership on September 10th 2016.[1]

This later made Razor Clan to give truce as it was too long, and it's members giving some relations and NICR grew tired of hacking Foxarmy.[1]

Leaving LBP Behind

According to Xander_Beck's annoucement on Foxarmy's Steam Group, On 9th Feburary 2017, They have moved their main place into Google+.

Later History

Their members were allegedly banned from PlayStation Network due to these conflicts numerous times.

Foxarmy was officially collapsed in 2018 as Xander_Beck announced. Today, some of its former members have formed a private group called The Old Gang.[1]

Foxarmy has fought in several conflicts with other groups. The nature of these conflicts is unknown. A list of these battles, composed by Xander_Beck, can be seen below:[1]

Opponent Type


Effects Belligerents


Atk/Def Date Name (originally unnamed) Leader for the War
Birdarmy Major


None Most members Complaints Attacker 2015-2016 Fox-Bird War DEUCE2CON
Dogs Clan Minor Tie Allied by Deal Unknown Unknown Unknown Somewhere in late 2015 Dog-Fox War Unknown

Portaljude Army




Victory Tied

The leader for the unpopular clan quitted Some members Interfering with Foxarmy Defender Unknown Yacko-Portal-Fox War DEUCE2CON


Razor Clan



Major Defeated Weaker and Main Level Deleted. Major members affected Hacking Defender Unknown Impossible War DEUCE2CON

All co-leaders

FDF33 User Attack



Peace dealed.


Xander_Beck and few other members

FDF33 + His allies

Drama Attacker Unknown FDF-Xander Drama War Xander_Beck
Civil War Civil War Xander's Surrender kenz247 quitted

DEUCE2CON + kenz247

Xander_Beck + Former Birdarmy Support.

Betraying Xander_Beck Both 2016? Foxarmy's Civil War DEUCE2CON


Weeks after Foxarmy was founded, Xander_Beck expanded the clan to other platforms such as Google+, Steam, and to other LBP Games like LBP Vita. Eventually, Foxarmy also expanded to Uncharted 3 Multiplayer.

Legacy and Today

Later in 2020, SamuraiEzoiar also known as Xander_Beck, founded a new clan named The Republic of Taiyang with Foxarmy and a few other groups. At this point, Foxarmy only had three of its former members in September 2020. SamuraiEzoiar also started up a project alongside The Republic of Taiyang named "Project Rekishi", a historical restoration project for Foxarmy.



According to Xander_Beck, Foxarmy supposedly had at least 30 members.[1] Most members were from United States, While the others would be from United Kingdom, Denmark. It is unknown if there is members from more countries.[1]


Foxarmy primarily spoke English, with a few Danish and possibly Mandarin speakers.[1]


The government structure of Foxarmy uses simple clan ranking system. It is known that DEUCE2CON was the leader of the organization, with Xander_Beck, Hamzah61234556, and others as co-leaders.[1] As DEUCE2CON slowly stepped out from Foxarmy, Xander_Beck taken the role of temporary leadership till the end. This also caused unstablilty and breaking apart.

Known Ranks

Foxarmy had ranks for administrative reasons, All of them is listed below.[1]

  • Leader (DEUCE2CON, Later unofficially given to Xander_Beck)
  • Co-Leader (7+ members)
  • Member


During it's high active times, You would simply comment on Foxarmy's main level, or DEUCE2CON's comment section and ask to join, DEUCE2CON would give you an invite to officially make your membership.[1]

Foxarmy had an advantage from Xander_Beck because he published redirect level, which redirects to the main level, Aswell spreading it to LBP Vita, which is still available to see today.[1]

Foreign Relations

Foxarmy had allies which was The Mecha Destiny, and Dogs Clan[1] According to Jumbojuu, there were a clan called "Freearmy" which was a split government of Foxarmy until things are settled.[1][2][citation needed]

Foxarmy also had one of the most complex system of foreign relationships since their clan was highly unstable.


Hedgehogarmy was developed as sub-clan, a division of Foxarmy, led by Xander_Beck.

Dogs Clan

Foxarmy and Dogs Clan at some point were at odds with one another, resulting in a tied conflict. After its conclusion, Dogs Clan and Foxarmy became allies.[1]

Clans that were made against Foxarmy

Because of mass toxicity and hate, There were clans created such as #EndFoxarmy and Fuxarme.


Foxarmy had no military, However it is considered that most members has done the following below, They would "rekt" enemies with those.

Glitched Weapons

Some members including DEUCE2CON and Xander_Beck had an object which freezes the game. This was the monitor from the LBP1 Tutorials. This was used to freeze the consoles of other players in the same lobby, including themselves.

Comment Raid

Simply spamming comments on a profile or level was the original fighting style for Foxarmy.[1] The most known one is when Xander_Beck, Jumbojuu and outsider rorl0925 spammed comment sections on kenz247.

This can be viewed here. (Do not view this video if you are having hearing issues, as this video is extremely loud. It's recommended that you mute the video.)

PVP Levels

Foxarmy utilized player vs player levels for friendly competition with other groups.[1]

Culture and Style

Foxarmy members are known to have had Sonic the Hedgehog original characters and personas.[1]


It is unknown if their main level still exists today, According to Xander_Beck, Foxarmy had numerous 'exclusive' levels that he published.[1] The main level base design was found on October 2020.

Later on in November 2020, that SamuraiEzoiar found an actual footage of the main level around from 2016, although was in poor quality.

Base design for Foxarmy, Found in SamuraiEzoiar's Level.

Most of it's levels are removed because of Foxarmy got disbanded. Although on September 2020, SamuraiEzoiar which is Xander_Beck, Found some remaining levels on LittleBigPlanet Vita. [1]

Xander_Beck was the one who mainly made the base design for Foxarmy, It's level was published somewhere in 2015, In total of plays it had more than 1,000 plays.