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The Fourth Reich was a member state of the Axis Alliance after its 2014 reformation.


The history of the Fourth Reich is not well known. It is believed to have been founded by Toysim before or after the reformation of the Axis in 2014. It is believed to have fallen after the failed Axis elections following the resignation of Dark_J_Romero or before this point. Toysim represented the clan in the Axis Council.[citation needed]



The population of the Fourth Reich is not known. Three people other than Toysim have been seen in pictures performing salutes of allegiance to the clan. A list of possible members is shown below.

  • Toysim - Leader
  • Hank30303
  • Renaud59_ddz
  • zZRoYaL_KiLLeRZz


Toysim spoke French and some English. It is not known what languages the other members of the clan spoke.[citation needed]


The exact details of how the Reich's government functioned is not known, but the style of the group suggests that it was based on the autocratic workings of Nazi Germany.

Foreign Relations and Military

It is not known how the Fourth Reich handled its foreign relations and military.

Culture and Style

Fourth Reich members performing Hitler's salute.

The culture and style of the Fourth Reich was heavily based on Nazi Germany. This accounted for one of the many reasons that powers such as the LittleBigPlanet Union and the community at large accused the Axis Alliance of promoting hate speech and neo-nazism.

Wasteland outside a presumed Fourth Reich facility.

The Fourth Reich also adopted similar styles promoted by the Axis Alliance like darker, edgier themes.


It is not known how the Fourth Reich communicated with its members, if at all.