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The Fallen Republic was a highly influential organization during the Shadow Epoch. It was notable for its influences from Nazi Germany and hatred of emos.



The Fallen Republic's foundation began as the merging the Armageddon Empire, led by Birdman-Jay- and the Blood Star Rebellion led by Jukewannabe. Together their leaders administered the newly formed organization sometime in 2012. It quickly grew with the aid of its alluring style and highly talented combination of creators. It quickly rose to challenge other large clans.


Most details of the chronology of the Fallen Republic are unknown. However, various projects they conducted, their impact and their influence on the community at the time can be discussed to some degree.

War with Khorne Empire

A Fallen Republic create battle level created to challenge Khorne Empire features this pilotable, flying Mickey Mouse based off of this South Park scene.

Fallen Republic is known to have had a create war with Khorne Empire sometime around September 17th, 2011. This allegedly resulted in a Fallen Republic victory.[1]

Defeat by the Red Skull Republic

At some point, the Fallen Republic may have been defeated in a conflict with the Red Skull Republic.[citation needed]

Axis Alliance and the LittleBigPlanet Union

Fallen Republic saw its first reboot under the Axis Alliance in 2014, and was led by Octar1. Octar did not adopt the former Fallen Republic's aggressive policies and sought to use the group to promote a higher level of creativity and contribute to the community. Eventually Octar's Fallen Republic joined the LittleBigPlanet Union, where it was an observer state for a brief period before collapsing.


The Fallen Republic eventually was succeeded by Judgment, which soon became known as the Visarian Mandate.

Following disbandment of FR's reincarnation the Visarian Mandate in early 2017 and the termination of future plans of expansion onto Mm's upcoming game "Dreams" and alternative platforms, many members including prominent figureheads within the Visarian administration were quick to cut ties with the organization. Two former officers, Huntsman007, one of Juke's former lieutenants and lead designer of many Visarian levels and military hardware, and Scorpiontail2025, an associate member of the Mandate, were still interested in expanding into the upcoming game Dreams and still thought LBP was worth playing in order to quench the hype for the much anticipated sequel to the franchise. It is unknown what happened to other members. However, this project has since been abandoned.[2]



According to Polarlab's clan census, Fallen Republic had between 65 and 80 members.[citation needed]


English was the most predominant language used by the Fallen Republic. However a large minority of members were bilingual and spoke a variety of different languages including German, Spanish, and French.[citation needed]


The Fallen Republic was an autocracy styling itself after Nazi Germany both in terms of its political policy and the names of it's positions within it's government. The "Führer" of the Fallen Republic had almost total control over the group's course of action and had unrestricted power over all internal executive function.[citation needed]

In 2017, the Fallen Republic did not possess a formal government due its relatively small member base. Instead, it opted for a more team based approach where members are held as equal and all decisions are held to a vote.[1]

Fallen Republic Turkish Nation

Island found in the level explaining the Turkish Nation.

On February 2012, RC-Cola94 published a level detailing information about a division of Fallen Republic called the Turkish Nation. According to this level, the division had their own uniform and rules. They did not allow members to be members of other clans and prohibited members from trolling other members.[3]

Foreign Relations and Military

Fallen Republic is known to have utilized create war for its conflicts.[1]

Culture and Style

A Fallen Republic 'Wolfsangel' symbol, a symbol used by Nazi armed forces and by neo-Nazi groups.

Fallen Republic had a surreal, dark, monochrome style which emulated fascist elements that alluded to Nazi Germany.


Fallen Republic held negative views toward people who identified as emos, referring to them as a "plague".[3]


It is not known how the original Fallen Republic communicated with its members, if at all.

In 2017, Fallen Republic primarily used a private Discord Server and a Raspberry Pi based IRC Server for communication between it's members. It also used a Kik and PSN chat. However, these were seldom used.[2]


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