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[R.004] Condemn LBP_Savior-_- is a LittleBigPlanet Union Security Council condemnation of the current Axis Alliance leader LBP_Savior-_-. It is known for being the first condemnation in the history of the LBP Union and denounces Savior for promoting Nazism, fascism, Heart for Heart, and a destructive agenda in the LBP community. The full text can be found here.


Twitter post regarding the passing of the condemnation by @LBPUnion

The idea for proposing a condemnation was first brought up at the March 17th, 2018 LBP Union summit by discourse between Nine-TailedFox4 and M88youngling. Nine-TailedFox4 suggested that it was necessary to stand against the Axis to rally the community together and stop the spread of LBP_Savior-_-'s harmful agenda. M88youngling suggested that this be restricted to a Security Council condemnation, as starting a 'war' would make the Union just as bad as the Axis.[1] After the summit, M88youngling drafted the proposal with the intention of bringing it to the Security Council Conference the following week. At the conference, March 24th, 2018, the proposal was endorsed by M88youngling, Sevi432 (Taurian Concordat), SovietSnake60, 'Soviet' (both Creators Socialist Republic), and Nine-TailedFox4 (Skunkworks). This brought the proposal to quorum and to vote, quickly achieving 5 votes for the proposal. Later that day, a sixth vote against the proposal signaled that all six representatives serving at that time had voted, and thus the voting was concluded with 5 for and 1 against with 0 abstaining.

The resolution achieved significant attention on Twitter by the LBPU's Twitter account, as well as M88youngling and Huntsman007's personal accounts.[2]


LBP_Savior-_-'s hearted list. Notice Sasori_Son.

Sasori_Son's hearted list. Notice LBP_Savior-_-

The condemnation denounces various policies and actions belonging to LBP_Savior-_-. The resolution identifies the warrant for the condemnation in multiple riders. First, the resolution highlights LBP_Savior-_-'s surges of spam levels that clog the new levels page on LittleBigPlanet. This is posed to be wrong since it can prevent authors of new levels from being noticed if spam produced by Savior clogs the feed. The document then describes LBP_Savior-_-'s Nazi-like qualities, noting how Savior's power complex is not healthy for the community. The proposal then abruptly states that if Savior's actions are not recognized by the community, his actions may continue to be of harm. The resolution then links two of Savior's levels, identifying their references to Adolf Hitler and references to the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS). The condemnation also notes how Savior's costume design is eerily reminiscent of that of Nazi uniforms from World War II. The resolution then points out that while Savior claims his organization is meant to 'save LBP,' he has not proposed any useful solution and is only making it worse. The document then accuses Savior of doing Heart for Heart, a practice that is considered cheating by the community at large and considered unlawful in LittleBigPlanet Union.[3]

After this, the condemnation notes how Savior has denied supporting Nazism, but the document counters by stating that "[Savior's] actions contradict his words." The resolution then explains that Savior has contributed to the negative stigma that the community has against clanning.

Further Warrant

Sasori_Son's hearted list, revealing they have XX-LII-_-MAN-XX hearted, a known H4Her who solicited H4H in Sasori_Son's comment section.

The comment on Sasori_Son's profile.

To further provide warrant for the accusation that LBP_Savior-_- participates in Heart for Heart, the Union Intelligence Agency released multiple screenshot images and deductions from these images. By comparing hearted lists between LBP_Savior-_- and Sasori_Son, it can be seen that both have eachother hearted. Sasori_Son's comment section has many individuals soliciting H4H, and Sasori_Son happens to have one of these solicitors hearted. It is reasonable to conclude that LBP_Savior-_- H4Hed with Sasori_Son and likely many others.[4]

Official Stance

The LBP Union's official stance has been declared mostly via social media on Twitter. President Huntsman007 explained, "One of the core principles the Union builds itself on is suppression of harmful elements in the community like trolls and bullies. As such we take a firm stance against the @AxisAllianceLBP for promoting harassment and bigotry, especially on a game made for kids. #stopaxis #lbp".[5]


  • This resolution is the first condemnation ever passed in the LBP Union.
  • The resolution was originally titled "Condemn the Axis Alliance"