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[CR.001] Commissioner Administrative Solution was an LBP Union Commission resolution passed following the ratification of the Commissioner Accord. The resolution added a new electoral position to the legislative body, allowing the position to manage the organization of documents and announce the results of voting.


After the passage of the Commissioner Accord, it was realized that there was no position declared to be able to handle the keeping of legislative documents in the Union Commission. In order to solve this, New Lunar Republic leader M88youngling drafted and submitted this proposal. The resolution was endorsed by M88youngling, Primevaliam (NLR), JediJosho (Organization XIII), I_Keel_You_2001 (Pride of the Fallen), Harrysboo247 (The Dark Akatsuki), Jadical (ELSA Corps), Luka-Skills12 (Atlas Corp.), and Greenwolff (Atlas Corp.) The proposal subsequently went to vote on July 30th, 2016.[1] The proposal passed with 8 for, 0 against and two absent commissioners on August 2nd, 2016.[2]


The Commissioner Administrative Solution adds a new electoral position to the Union, called the Chairman of the LittleBigPlanet Union Commission. The chairman is elected by the other Union commissioners, and had the power to organize legislative documents, keep track of votes and endorsements for proposals, call meetings to order, and the responsibility of announcing the results of votes truthfully.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.


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