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[R.002] Commend the Master Creators Society is an LBP Union Security Council commendation of the Master Creators Society, the highest honor the LBP Union can bestow on a person or clan. It recognizes the Master Creators Society's ambitions to pioneer creative education.


The proposal for the resolution was first presented by New California Republic representative CCSocalGamer on August 24th, 2015 while VitoCorleone003 held the position of Chairman of the Security Council. Vito resigned from his position shortly after the proposal of the commendation.[1] The proposal then went to the Security Council floor and awaited the required number of endorsements in order to achieve quorum. The proposal was then discussed at the September 12th Security Council Conference alongside Commend xXGOTMILK123Xx.[2] The proposal is believed to have achieved quorum and be enacted on the same day, voted upon unanimously by two thirds of the representatives at the time, with two for and zero against.[3]


The resolution commends the Master Creators Society primarily applauds the organization's ambitions to pioneer creative education, mentioning their success in creative mentorship. The commendation demonstrated the support of the Union for creative education.