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The Cobal Empire is a clan founded by Sarge_Prime. Very few details are known about the clan.


The history of Cobal Empire is not known. Its first recruitment level was published on July 11th, 2014.[1]



It is not known how many members the Cobal Empire had.


Cobal Empire is known to have spoken English according to their info-chip, but it is not known if any other languages were spoken.


Cobal Empire is known to have been some kind of federation, looking to recruit other clans as states in the Cobal Empire, with the Cobal Clan being the central body. Each clan would have been required to submit a representative to be a part of the 'Cobal Empire Counsel.' The Cobal Clan would not have had power over individuals in the Empire, only the clan governments.[2] How exactly this functioned is not known.

Foreign Relations and Military

It is not known if the Cobal Empire had any alliances or conflicts with other clans. It is not known if the Cobal Empire had any sort of military or defensive body.

Culture and Style

Cobal Empire, according to its logo, seems to be a futuristic-style organization, but this is not confirmed.


It is not known if the Cobal Empire communicated with its members, if at all. It had several levels to advertise itself, published by the leader.


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