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Cardinal Systems, formerly the Imperial Union, was a small creative studio and member state of the Confederation.


Cardinal Systems was founded as the 'Imperial Union' sometime around early October, 2018 by GraphGamer101. After criticism and advice from M88youngling, the organization changed its name to Cardinal Systems and began reworking its style to be more unique.[1]

It later was disbanded by Graph after a disagreement between him and Darkvaderjr.



Cardinal Systems had at most four members.[1]


Cardinal Systems spoke English, but it is unknown if any other languages are spoken.[citation needed]

Company President GraphGamer101


Cardinal Systems' government was not entirely clear. Many of its ranks were published in its public microchip. President GraphGamer101 had executive power in the organization.[citation needed]

Foreign Relations and Military

Cardinal Systems was a member state of the Confederation, and therefore allied with its other member states.

Culture and Style

Cardinal Systems' style did not have time to properly completely develop. Its style was fairly vague and ambiguous, focusing on a futuristic tone.[citation needed]


Cardinal Systems had a group PSN message thread and briefly had a Discord server, where GraphGamer101 and M88youngling were the only members.[1]


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