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CHAOS Incorporated, also known as CHAOS Enterprises, was a clan that existed during the Kardían Era. It is known for their participation in the first Axis Alliance.


Early History

CHAOS Inc. was first founded by Marklucero909 sometime during or before 2011.

Axis Alliance

CHAOS became involved with the first Axis Alliance of clans in October 2011. It was allegedly voted out of the alliance alongside Akatsuki and Emblazia on grounds that they were inferior to the other Axis states in November.[1]



It is predicted that Chaos Inc. had between 5-10 members. However, Polarlab's Clan Census verifies only 4 members and one side account dedicated to the clan.[2]


The clan mainly spoke English, but it is not known if any other languages were spoken.


Not much is known about CHAOS' government. It is known to have been led by Marklucero909.

Foreign Relations and Military

CHAOS Inc. was a member state of the first Axis Alliance before being voted out by other member states. They later had deteriorating relations with Black Scythe Army after the ejection.[1] It is not known of any other foreign relations they might have had or conflicts.

Culture and Style

Not much is known about CHAOS's style.


It is not known how CHAOS Inc. communicated with its members, if at all. It had a few levels published about the clan.[3]


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