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The Brotherhood of Steel was a clan led by ProtectMyBanana. They are best known for helping to create the United Clans Federation, wars against the Red Eagle Army and for being a prominent member of the Little Big Planet Union.


The Brotherhood of Steel began forming in mid 2009 with ArseKicker69 (Later ArseKicker65 then Protectmybanana) as what would later become the rank of High Elder. Orginally being a purely militaristic clan partilly based upon the faction from the Fallout game series later fully embracing the midwestern chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout Tactics, including the rank system and branches (Scribes, Knights, Paladins, various Orders and Elders Council).

The Brotherhood of Steel in its beginnings was a small waring clan aiming to project its power even declaring war on the likes of the Red Eagle Army in 2010 which briefly ended for a few months before the joining the Anti-Red Eagle Armies Rebellion against the Red Eagle Army ending with AREA defeat and a unoffical peace between the BoS and REA with the eventual collapse of the Red Eagle Army in 2012.

In March 2011 the Brotherhood of Steel declared war on the Irish tactical Force for reasons of nationality mainly, a conflict that protectmybanana would later regret due to the petty and vile nature of it. The BoS used mainly spamming tactics, espionage, along with create battles against ITF Forces until assuming victory due to the Irish Tactical Forces inactivity. The BoS also had a brief switch in leadership in 2011 with ArseKicker69 handing control over to GameJacker09 which lasted a few months or so until GameJacker09 vanished, with this ArseKicker65 (Same person new account) retook the leadership position.

Around the same time the Brotherhood of Steel formed an alliance with a clan named EDF-101 which eventually formed into the United Clans Federation, a federation of various clans. In late 2012 till around 2013 the Brotherhood started drastically modernising, manufacturing and reorganising with a population boom of creative players in the early 2010s (Before this the organisation relied on collectable levels from the lbp community).December 14th 2013 the Brotherhood of Steel officially became a member state of the Little Big Planet Union.



The population varied at the beginning but eventually grew into a larger organisation consisting of thirty seven trained members and 23 in training at its ending according to the Codex. Membership expanding to far around the globe.

My little pony became popular among some of the senior leadership and then in itself became a meme, politically speaking it varied again but left wing and Anarchist thought became popular due to the High Elder Protectmybanana being radicalised and calling himself an Anarchist in 2014.

Typically members didn`t take things too seriously like other clans in lbp with the Codex (BoS form of documentation for every part of the organisation) itself being moderated due to members shenanigans.


Brotherhood members mainly spoke English but other languages did include Spanish, German and French, though unfortunately there was no effort to actively recruit non English speakers.


The Brotherhood of still after its reorganisation period came to have a fully functioning government in the form of a Council consisting of five Elders, two Generals and one Paladin Lord with a High Elder at the top, it could be seen as a monarchical Knights order in a way.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Brotherhood of Steel came to have three separate branches, Paladins being the guardians of the Brotherhood, the fighters if you will, the Knights are the engineers but are still strictly military but are technically fighters aswell in the context of little big planet.

The Scribes are a civilian branch on the other hand, made up of three different orders respectively all with different roles. Order of the Sword Manufactures offensive technology and develops new battle strategies etc, Order of the Shield creates defensive technologies such as power armour and the Feather records and maintains technology along with the Brotherhoods history and knowledge. Each branch has there own ranking system aswell. The Brotherhood was involved in the global geopolitics of Little Big Planet in some way throughout its life span whether it be from its early involvement against the Red Eagle Army on the side of AREA or in the Little Big Planet Union, with the Brotherhoods relationship with the Union being generally mixed after leaving in February 2014.

Culture and Style

The Brotherhood of Steel in its beginnings didn`t properly follow its the theme of the Fallout faction although still wearing a grey power armour and sporting some bunkers in recruitment levels.

In 2013 onwards the Brotherhood fully took to its Fallout theme with practically a complete revamp into what could be consider a true Fallout clan in terms of ascetics, clothing, structure and general styles, pushing for a more post-apocalypse Fallout feel especially in recruitment levels and the general look of the group excepting the Brotherhood logo which took a more Anarchistic colour scheme as a background.