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Blood Star Rebellion was an early Shadow Epoch clan founded by Jukewannabe as a splinter organization from Armageddon Empire. It is best known for aiding Anti-Red Eagle Army in their conflict with the Axis Alliance as well as merging with Armageddon Empire later to form Fallen Republic.



Jukewannabe noticed that Anti-Red Eagle Army could hold their own in their fight against Red Eagle Army and the rest of the Axis in the summer of 2011. This prompted Juke to leave his position in Armageddon Empire with half of the clan's members to form Blood Star Rebellion in order to aid AREA. Black Requiem also soon left the Axis to merge into Blood Star Rebellion.[1][2]

Executioners and Akatsuki

After the AREA alliance claimed victory over Red Eagle Army and the rest of the Axis in July, most members of Polar's AREA force joined BSR. Jukewannabe made Polar and several others executioners and tasked them with getting rid of Errmac1. Polarlab assassinated Errmac1 with a slap-picture on behalf of BSR, and was also assigned to other targets. BSR soon declared war on Akatsuki, and Juke attempted to have executioners assassinate their leader, Chriswolf119. His attempts were unsuccessful. Juke also sent a spy to Akatsuki by the name of Javier_Pr.[3][1] The result of the war between BSR and Akatsuki is unknown.

Fallen Republic

Blood Star Rebellion eventually mended the fences with Armageddon Empire and agreed to merge with them to form Fallen Republic on August 31st, 2011.[1]



According to Polarlab's Clan Census, Blood Star Rebellion had between 30 to 45 members, however only 27 members are listed.[4]


Blood Star Rebellion is known to have spoken English, but it is not known if any other languages were spoken by its members.


The government of Blood Star Rebellion is not well known, but it is believed to have been in Overlord Jukewannabe's total control.[citation needed]

Foreign Relations and Military

The clan was rather aggressive and preferred to humiliate their opponents with slap-assassination photos.[3] It is not known if they had any allies.

Culture and Style

Not many examples of the style are known, but Polarlab describes it as being dark and evil-like.[3]


The clan had a few recruitment levels to promote itself. It is not known how BSR communicated with its members.


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