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The Biography of Polarlab is an infochip autobiography written by Polarlab, otherwise known as PolarisPhaedra. It is most notable for being the most complete resource of information on the Shadow Epoch, albeit an unreliable one.


The book was released on October 12th, 2013 as a prize in Polarlab's level, "Polaris Manor- House of Polarlab"alongside Clanning for Noobs. It was recovered by M88youngling and transcribed on August 14th, 2017


The Biography of Polarlab details Polar's exploits from the beginning of his LBP career all the way to late 2013. Because of this long timeframe, the work provides information about clan activity outside of the old LittleBigPlanet Union and about the conflicts of the Shadow Epoch.

Polar's story begins months after the release of LBP1, where he eases into clanning with Skull Blade. He tells of his many conquests and coalitions he took part in to aid his desire for 'world conquest.'

Much of the autobiography is considered unreliable due to its various contradictions with itself and with other sources, as well as the unverified membership counts of clans. For example, Red Eagle Army is regarded by Polar to have had "easily 1000+ members." The work is also considered unreliable due to the 2014 Axis Alliance infochip v4.0 revealing Polar's low standards for clan acceptance and Fascist Party membership. This suggests that Polar listed as many people as he could to make the Axis look bigger, and Polar may have done the same in his autobiography. Another contradiction is Polar's assertion that the Commando Recon Operations declared war on the Khorne Empire and the CRO was defeated. On the contrary, the CRO never declared war on KE and consequently KE never fought the CRO. The conflict was never mentioned in M88youngling's Journals.

The full transcribed and annotated text of the Biography of Polarlab can be found here.

Hardware34 released a new edition of the autobiography with his own notes, which can be found here.