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The Axis-LBP Union Conflict was a period of tension between the late Axis Alliance and the LittleBigPlanet Union. It ended with the Axis Lord President PolarisPhaedra's resignation.



The LBP Union had been aware of the Axis around the same time as the Pirate Dinosaur Alliance became a member state of the Union. Around the time the PDA attained member state status, the United Clans Federation under the direction of Cpt-JangoFett supposedly was in a conflict with the Axis, and the Union administration attempted to bring the fighting to an end. However, the Union was mistakenly led to believe that the Axis had collapsed soon thereafter.[1]

After a period of instability in the Union involving the Soldier Wolves, the Brotherhood of Steel and Treynota Wolfpack seceded from the Union around February 19th. The Brotherhood of Steel became members of the United Clans Federation and Treynota became an Axis member state.[2]

The first instance of official interaction between the Axis Alliance and the LittleBigPlanet Union occurred sometime around February 19th, 2014. Union President M88youngling met with the Axis Lord President PolarisPhaedra. Polaris implied that M88youngling and the LBP Union were already members of the Axis Alliance. When M88youngling denied this, Polaris warned the Union President that Nick_C11 and the Silentium Contra would return to attack the Union.[3] When Polaris implied that M88youngling was a member of the Axis, he had intended to appoint the Union president as head of alliances for the Axis.[4]

Unbeknownst to the Union, the Axis was plotting against the Union around this point based on information contained in a recovered Axis infochip.[4]

Around March 5th, 2014, Treynota supposedly seceded from the Axis and established friendly relations with the LBP Union.[5] However, it is likely that they were acting as spies for the Axis.[citation needed]

Indications of an Axis Threat to the LBP Union

On March 10th, Huntsman007 showed President M88youngling an Axis infochip that acknowledged the LBP Union as a target. M88youngling distrusted this information, believing it to be a bluff to trick the Union into attacking the Axis first.[6] This may have been the Axis Alliance Chip v0.8.[4][citation needed]

Around April 4th, President M88youngling wrote about his concerns regarding silence from the Axis Alliance. PolarisPhaedra apparently had not been responding to questions asked by the Union president, however it's not known what these questions were. This led to M88youngling and Union Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer to suspect that the Axis may have been plotting against the Union after all. M88youngling also wrote that by this point the comment flaming with the Remnants Union had begun to calm, indicating that the conflict with the rival alliance was coming to an end.[7]

Axis propaganda used in fear of the RSR conspiracy.

Declaration of War and the Skull Plan

On Saturday May 17th, 2014, the Axis Alliance and United Clans Federation both declared war on the LittleBigPlanet Union. Lord President PolarisPhaedra accused the Union of conspiring against the Axis with the Red Skull Republic. President M88youngling and Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer both met with Polaris to deny the accusations. In response, Polaris revealed that he was in possession of an infochip box supposedly created by the Red Skull Republic known as the Skull Plan. The Skull Plan implicated the Union in a conspiratorial plot to destroy the Axis to make way for a complete communist Red Skull Republic takeover of the LittleBigPlanet community.[8][9]

After meeting with Polaris, M88youngling and CCSocalGamer sought out HomocidalChicken, the last known leader of the Red Skull Republic. Chicken laughed at the box and claimed that it was a prank to conceal his real plan to destroy the Axis. Union leaders agreed to stay silent in the hopes that HomocidalChicken would dismantle the Axis before they could become a threat to the Union. Unfortunately, no record of this meeting exists.[citation needed]

After the Union leaders again denied the charge, Polaris threatened to attack the Union if they didn't help him defeat the Red Skull Republic. M88youngling and CCSocalGamer refused to directly aid Polaris, but agreed to look into the mystery. The Union leaders demanded apologies from the Axis and the United Clans Federation. Polaris refused to honor the request, and ProtectmyBanana claimed that he needed to speak with rest of the UCF to issue an apology.[8]

At the LBP Union leaders summit later that same day, the meeting was invaded by Remnants Union members as well as Axis members, suggesting that the Remnants Union and the Axis were working together. After the incident, Voldeguy1, Treynota's Union representative, expressed an unusual amount of anxiety about the Axis. He left the chat after saying that the Union was doomed due to its "lack of success" and "inevitable defeat by the Axis". Treynota's leader, Cold_Wolf102, did not react.[8]

Union leaders sought an explanation for how the Axis and the Remnants Union were able to gain access to the private PlayStation 3 text chat where the summit was being held. Initially, Union Task Force member Datattman and Union Bureau of Investigation Director The_Pool-Is_Open were potential suspects. However, Union leaders soon thereafter concluded that Voldeguy1 must have been a spy from the Axis, planted to sow anxiety about the threat of the Axis.[8]

A Soviet themed clan led by Dark-Snow33[citation needed] around this point expressed interest in preventing a war between the Union and the Axis and the United Clans Federation.[8] On May 30th, Taurian Concordat began a referendum to consider seceding from the Union. M88youngling wrote that he was suspicious that the Axis may have been responsible. Nickalis02, an officer of the Axis Fascist Party, was believed to have been involved.[10]

Axis Alliance 'War On Two Fronts'

At an unknown point during this conflict, Union Foreign Minister CCSocalGamer came into the possession of an infochip supposedly originating from the Axis called 'Axis Alliance // A War on Two Fronts'. This infochip details the Axis as allies with the Red Skull Republic and were working together to defeat the LBP Union, as well as the strategy that the Axis intended to follow in order to succeed.[11] It's unknown if any of the infochip's contents are legitimate, however it can be inferred that it may not have come into the Union's possession until after the end of the conflict as there is no reference to it in M88youngling's journals.

'The Last War'

Around June 2nd, 2014, PolarisPhaedra published a war movie directed against the LittleBigPlanet Union called The Last War. After publishing the movie, Polaris pleaded again with Union President M88youngling in the hopes that the Union would aid the Axis in defeating the Red Skull Republic.[10] The Last War depicted a Union victory over the Axis, however they were soon destroyed by a fictional alliance based on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.[12]

Axis Anti-Furry poster used during the conflict.

Increased Axis Aggression

On June 20th, Union President M88youngling observed that the Axis officially declared the LBP Union as enemies. They released a level giving away several items that they had stolen from the Union, as well as formally denounced Furries. President M88youngling was able to infiltrate an Axis text chat room using an alternate account. In the chat, Nick_C11, perhaps in jest, called for a vote to target hipsters.[10]

Propaganda published by the Axis featuring the hanging of President M88youngling.

President M88youngling was at a disadvantage in responding to the Axis because of a week-long trip that would prevent him from playing LittleBigPlanet. Also, President M88youngling acknowledged that HomocidalChicken may still have been working against the Axis in secret. M88youngling believed that acting against the Axis could hinder Chicken from completing his objectives. However, Union leaders were wary that HomocidalChicken was still active or if he had even been telling the truth. Finally, M88youngling was concerned that the other Union Protectors wouldn't approve of another conflict with another group, especially Domestics Minister Spleentastik.[13]

The Union's Response

On June 20th, LBP Union President M88youngling began to formulate plans to respond to the Axis's increased aggression. His plan consisted of a focus on rating brigading and official statements to raise exposure to raise Union support. M88youngling predicted that the Axis might attempt a create war where the two sides would create movies. The Union president firmly believed that create war wouldn't demonstrate who was right, but rather who was the better creator. His plan regarded the Axis as a group of trolls that should be blocked immediately to prevent them from gaining any amount of attention. M88youngling was also concerned that the Axis might attempt to corrupt Union leaders, and was suspicious that Tomboy2011 and Spleentastik might be good candidates for Axis indoctrination.[13]

President M88youngling's plans against the Axis saw the Union as a force of good, while the Axis was a force of evil. He interpreted the Axis' fascist influences and desire for power as being their moral weakness, where the Union was superior. However, M88youngling believed that the Axis may have had an advantage in how often members were online, as the Axis may have had members in more time zones than the Union. M88youngling also believed that the Union's freedom would ultimately lead to the defeat of the Axis as he did not believe that the Axis' supposed focus on punishment and exile as motivational forces wouldn't be sufficient to rally their members against the Union. Finally, the Union President considered the populations of both alliances, concluding that the Union was larger than the Axis and would therefore have a greater chance at dominating rating brigades.[14]

The Challenge and Polaris's Resignation

Sometime between June 20th and August, Polaris challenged President M88youngling personally to a create war to settle the conflict. However, President M88youngling refused. Presumably unable to challenge the Union further, Polaris resigned as Lord President. He appointed Dark_J_Romero as Lord President in his place. According to M88youngling, Awetfloor became Lord President two weeks later. Awetfloor expressed interest in a friendly relationship with the LBP Union.[15]

The Axis Election

In the fallout of the conflict, Awetfloor resigned on an unknown date. This resulted in a power vacuum which led to the Axis elections. This caused a period of chaos in the Axis where various factions tried to compete for the position of Lord President.[citation needed]


LittleBigPlanet Union President M88youngling saw the result of the conflict as being a victory over the Axis and a demonstration that the 'era of create war' had ended. He saw it as a justification for the Union's actions and mission for peace in the community. The conflict also refined the Union Task Force's tactics, focusing on a desire for 'rating dominance' and denial of attention to enemies through blocking. This was intended to be used against trolls mainly, and the Axis was considered trolls during the conflict.[16] The tactical lessons learned during the Axis conflict would later be used in the Judgment-LBP Union conflict.

Without strong leadership, the Axis declined throughout the rest of 2014. This made them unprepared to aid in the Judgment-LBP Union conflict later in the fall.