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The Ashina clan was a small, Japanese-themed clan.


The Ashina clan was founded by lilman0402. At some point during its existence, it became allied with the Advanced Tactical Team and later became a member state of the Confederation. [1]

On September 2nd, 2019, Ashina Clan began discussing an alliance with the Axis Alliance after initially rejecting relations. Afterwards, on the 9th, Emperor lilman0402 declared the clan he founded to be an official Axis state. Due to this, the Ashina Clan's membership status with the Confederation was revoked. [1]

Beginning on the 31st of August, 2019, Emperor lilman0402 had began to discuss deals with superpierre59 after the latter was told by samc2004 that, despite the alliance once held by the two, lilman0402 was nothing like LBP_Savior-_-. This resulted in a deal of armaments and information being made and Ashina became a client of SP-59 Industries.[1]

Ashina Clan's activities past this point are unknown. It's possible that the clan fell inactive and no longer exists.[citation needed]



Lilman0402 has described Ashina Clan's population growth as being 'slow and minimal.'[1]


Ashina Clan's main language is English.[1]


The government of Ashina Clan is supposedly modeled after that of the monarchy of traditional Japan, a shogunate. It maintains the following ranks,[2]

  • Merchant
  • Craftsman
  • Imperial Ensemble
  • Gonin Gumi
  • Machi-Bugyo
  • Samurai
  • Gaikoku Bugyo
  • Daimyo
  • Metsuke
  • Shogun
  • Court Nobility
  • Emperor

The Ashina clan's membership was divided into states called han, which were controlled by Daimyo with some level of autonomy, each equipped with its own military and police force, along with state-specific rules. Metsuke were employed to discover and investigate instances of corruption. [1]

Gaikoku Bugyo were commissioners who oversee trade and foreign relations, even with over han. The only exception was that only Daimyo could oversee the realations between their own state and others. Machi-Bugyo were Hatamoto Samurai appointed by their Daimyo to be a governor of the Daimyo's han. [1]

Gonin Gumi were each Daimyo's police force, made to find those that break the rules. The Shogun was the commander of the entire military, and held power over Daimyo if they got out of order. Court Nobility was the nominal ruling court. They had say in larger matters than the Shogun, but still needed the Emperor's approval.[1]

The Emperor was the head of the clan, having been selected by the previous Emperor, voted in by members of Ashina, or the previous Daimyo of a state that conquered the competition in a scrabble.[1]


Ashina Clan established the following rules,[2]

  1. "Each Emperor must chose[sic] a member to become the next once said Emperor retires."
  2. If a member wishes to be promoted, they must be approved by the Emperor.

Foreign Relations and Military

Ashina Clan was allied with the Advanced Tactical Team and was an official state of the Axis Alliance of Powers. It was formerly a member state of the Confederation before becoming a member state of the Axis Alliance. After the fall of LBP-_-Savior's Axis, they became independent.[3]

Ashina's military was divided by its Daimyo, but the Shogun and Emperor could command and mobilize the Samurai regardless of the Daimyo. The Emperor had their own force of Samurai to protect the shogunate in case of rebellion.[1]

On August 3st, 2019, meetings were made between the Emperor and superpierre59, formulating deals that benefitted the military of Ashina greatly by arming them with weaponry that was before unavailable and making Ashina a client of SP-59 Industries.[1]

Culture and Style

The creative style of the Ashina clan was that of a traditional Japanese style.[1]


The Ashina clan preferred to hold meetings in private, but decisions made during these meetings were announced publicly.[1]


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