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Ascension is a LittleBigPlanet 3 game production studio.


Ascension was founded after the disbandment of the Toxic Regime. It was founded by JAD_YASS and the former leader of the reformed Axis Alliance, LBP_Savior-_-.[1]



JAD_YASS claims that Ascension has five creators in its ranks, which he keeps private. Although the group was founded in conjunction with LBP_Savior-_-,[1] Savior's involvement with the group to the present day is unclear.


Aside from English, other languages spoken by Ascension are unknown.


Please describe how the group distributes control and its rules for membership. Who is the leader? How much power does the leader have? Are there elections? Is there a council of leaders? Are there any other important roles to note?


Ascension is currently working on a fighting game called Divine Intervention. The game is set in a world where mortals fight in a divine tournament in order to fulfill an all powerful god's wishes.


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